The LAVITA brand is owned by the family company Domino Polska, which has been a permanent fixture on the Polish interior design market for 30 years. Our brands - DOMINO, LAVITA and WILD-WOOD - often determine the unique character of Poles' apartments and houses, and Domino Polska has grown from a small Lower Silesian family company to one of the fastest-growing companies on the interior furnishings market. Our well-established position is confirmed by more than 150 employees, our own modern logistics center with the possibility of express shipments, and two interior design showrooms - Domino Inspirations with an area of 1200m2 and 700m2, which are a source of information for us and our designers about the expectations of customers in the context of creating and introducing new products. Domino Poland is the recipient of many awards and business, social and design honors, but the greatest satisfaction is our customers, who together with us realize the dreams of YOUR BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS

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