How to furnish an apartment for rent?

23 of January '23

Designing an apartment for rent is not an obvious task. When preparing such a space, you need to invest prudently, but at the same time take into account the needs of the future resident and make him feel at home.

Projekt mieszkania na wynajem wymaga odpowiedniego przemyślenia

The design of an apartment for rent requires proper thought


Thoughtful layout

The right design should anticipate the needs of tenants and offer appropriate solutions. On the one hand, functionality is important, and on the other hand, it is important to evoke a sense of home warmth in the potential tenant. Thus, the design of an apartment must be approached in the right way, so that there is a harmonious combination that satisfies all these needs. Preparing an apartment for rent is a process consisting of several stages. It is worth starting it as early as the design and construction work. It is then that it is best to plan out which part will be responsible for a particular sphere of life. This will allow you to prepare functional solutions and prevent costly renovations later.

Ważne jest wyznaczenie odpowiednich stref

It is important to designate the appropriate zones

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Domestic warmth

When renting an apartment, the first impression is crucial. The place must be associated with a homely aura. However, it is worth remembering moderation, which will leave landlords room for personalization. We should not fill every shelf and cabinet with accessories that would hinder the tenants' personal ideas about the interior.

- We can achieve a feeling of coziness in the interior with a number of elements, for example, textile accessories such as carpets or curtains. The latter will add warmth to the room, as well as provide intimacy for the occupants. The climate of the environment is also influenced by lighting - properly selected will emphasize the strengths of any surface. Light sources of the same color temperature will complete the feeling of coherence of the entire space," adds Ida Mikolajska, architect, co-owner of MIKOŁAJSKAstudio.

Kluczowe jest pierwsze wrażenie

First impression is key

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A field to show off

When designing an apartment for rent, we must realize that it will probably not be possible to completely meet the aesthetic expectations of all potential tenants.

- A safe idea in an apartment for rent is to bet on minimalism and muted wall colors. This will be a big advantage for those going for a modern look. For admirers of other styles, on the other hand, it will be a great base. On this basis, thanks to their favorite accessories, they can create an unconventional space. It will also open up opportunities for them to change the interior according to trends and new tastes. With a neutral base, the space will take on a timeless character, which is an obvious advantage of rental apartments. A completely opposite approach to the theme will also be a good solution. Distinctiveinteriors are memorable and many tenants are eager to opt fordistinctive spaces," concludes Ida Mikolajska.

Minimalna aranżacja pozwala na spersonalizowanie przestrzeni przez lokatorów

Minimal arrangement allows tenants to personalize the space

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