Original bathtubs, shower trays and enamel sinks from a Polish brand with traditions

Products of the Olkuska Enamelware Factory have been present in Polish homes since 1907. The factory produces a wide range of quality cookware and sanitary ware characterized by durability and solidity of workmanship.

With the advancement of technology and the development of technology, the company has expanded its production range to include products such as - aluminum cookware coated with Teflon coating by DuPont, stainless steel products, pressed bathtubs and pressed enamel sinks and shower trays.

Umywalki emaliowane do łazienki

Enameled bathroom sinks

© OLKUSZ Enamelware Factory


OFNE Emalia Olkusz S.A. is responsible for the production of sanitary products. - owner of the "Olkusz" brand, which was the first winner of the "Teraz Polska" competition, also honored with the "Good Design" mark obtained in the design competition nominated by the Institute of Industrial Design, awarded with such titles as the "Gold Medal" in a nationwide fair and many other great distinctions.

Brodzik emaliowany

Enamel shower tray

© OLKUSZ Enamelware Factory

Resistant to corrosion and abrasion, with antibacterial properties

Enameled bathtubs, shower trays and sinks are delightful, and at the same time perform their functions for a very long time.
Enamel is a glassy, perfectly smooth coating that is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It is thanks to it that these products retain their functional qualities for many years, as well as their white, aesthetic appearance. Enamel is prepared according to traditional recipes, and the raw materials used in its production meet all the necessary quality standards.

Wanna emaliowana

Enamel bathtub

© OLKUSZ Enamelware Factory

For OFNE Emalia Olkusz S.A. sanitary products, a special formula called EMALIA STRONG is used to guarantee the highest quality of use. The structure of enamel sanitary products is also characterized by antibacterial properties. All this makes these products trusted by successive generations.

We have been taking care of your health for generations - get to know our white enamel sinks, shower trays, bathtubs and more!

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