A safe and durable shower stall? Choose a stabilizer bar

08 of February '24
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  1. A stabilizer bar is a part of a shower stall that provides support.
  2. By using a stabilizer bar, you increase a safety of using the shower.
  3. L shaped stabilizer bar is an alternative to typical brackets.
  4. If your shower enclosure has glass panels you should use a stabilizer bar.
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Do you want to achieve a delicate, minimalist glass sheet effect, without conspicuous mounting elements? Or maybe you are planning a shower in an irregular corner of the room? The solution to these problems is a stabilizer bar.

Stabilizator kątowy sprawdzi się w przypadku pryszniców z panelami szklanymi

Stabilizer bar will work well for showers with glass panels

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What is a stabilizer bar?

A stabilizer bar is a part of the shower enclosure that provides stability and structural support. It is usually a metal bar or profile that gets attached to the shower enclosure and its wall, often in the corners. A stabilizer bar helps keep the shower enclosure in shape and prevents it from deforming during use. In addition, it can also improve safety by preventing the shower enclosure from accidentally shifting while using it. L shaped stabilizer bar is an alternative to typical brackets. Thanks to it, we can install the shower enclosure even close to the window. In addition, the stabilizer bar is useful in situations where it is necessary to ensure the stability, safety and durability of the shower enclosure, especially when heavy construction materials are used or installation conditions are difficult.

Where to buy a stabilizer bar?

Proven manufacturers rely on high quality workmanship for their products. A stabilizer bar from a reputable manufacturer will be solidly built, which translates into durability and performance. One such company is Radaway. Other manufacturers worth noting are Radaway and Kermi. For a full list of manufacturers we recommend, see the bathroom section of the Products for Home portal.

Stabilizator kątowy poprawia bezpieczeństwo podczas korzystania z prysznica

A stabilizer bar improves safety when using the shower

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When will a stabilizer bar be useful?

A large shower enclosure

In larger shower enclosures that have a lot of space and glass panels or other structural materials, a stabilizer bar is important to ensure a solid structure and stability.

Unstable floor

If the floor on which the shower stall stands is not perfectly level, a stabilizer bar can help strengthen the structure and prevent wobbling.

Glass panels

If the shower enclosure has glass panels, especially heavy and large ones, a stabilizer bar is necessary to give them proper support and avoid deformation or displacement.

User safety

The stabilizer bar improves safety of the shower cabin user by preventing it from shifting or wobbling, which can lead to potential accidents or damage.

Long-term use

With regular use of the shower enclosure, the stabilizer bar helps maintain its durability. This makes the stabilizer especially important in the long term.

Stabilizator kątowy L to alternatywa dla typowych wsporników

L shaped stabilizer bar is an alternative to typical brackets

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