Bathroom trends from Pinterest

29 of January '24

What does a fashionable bathroom look like in 2024? Here are the styles and juxtapositions to look out for.

Pinterest to świetne źródło inspiracji do urządzania wnętrz

Pinterest is a great source of interior design inspiration



Tropical inspirations have been present in interiors for several years now. From urban jungle to luscious green and boho. Now this trend is dominating bathroom arrangements. The tropic style interior is close to exotic nature. It is ideal for those who love floral motifs and natural materials. Intense colors rule in a tropical bathroom, primarily various shades of green. However, there is also a lot of pink, orange, blue and yellow. Bold colors are a great choice for accessories, such as furniture fronts, handles and textiles. You can also paint the ceiling with a distinctive color. We are also moving away from classic tiles in favor of those laid in fancy patterns.

Intensywna zieleń doskonale sprawdzi się w łazience

Intense green will work perfectly in the bathroom


Hot Metals

This year we're choosing metals! Both in gloss and matte. In bathrooms, attention is drawn primarily to elements in gold or copper colors. Also silver and chrome will fit perfectly in this interior, giving it a slightly cosmic and futuristic atmosphere. You can introduce Hot Metals into your bathroom in the form of a faucet, flush button or mirror frame. The trend can also be found in less obvious places, such as the profiles of shower stalls, wall coverings or furniture elements. Decorations and furnishings made of metal will work well in an arrangement of any style, adding a touch of modern flair.

Metalowe akcenty nadadzą wnętrzu nowoczesnego charakteru

Metal accents will give the interior a modern touch


Rest Stops

In today's busy world, being able to relax and calm down becomes a priority. The ideal place for relaxation is the bathroom. Subdued and cozy colors, simple forms, frugality in decoration, soothing textiles, soft furniture and functional appliances — these are the key elements of the environment that will allow us to catch our breath. Also, don't forget plants, candles and soothing scents.

Kojące barwy i naturalne materiały sprzyjają odpoczynkowi

Soothing colors and natural materials help you relax


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