Round or rectangular? Which washbasin should you choose?

12 of February '24

The washbasin, as an important element of the bathroom, has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the interior. It is no different when it comes to its shape. Soft curves or straight edges can add character to the entire arrangement.

Kształt umywalki może wpłynąć na wygląd całego wnętrza

The shape of the washbasin can affect the appearance of the entire interior

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Subtle curves

The universal design of oval washbasins opens up a wide range of design possibilities and the optimal shape makes them easy to clean. Lack of hard-to-reach places and convenience during daily grooming rituals are the main advantages of oval models. Oval washbasins are also ideal for small rooms, where every centimeter of space is at a premium.

Owalne umywalki sprawdzają się w niewielkich łazienkach

Oval washbasins work well in small bathrooms

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Going round and round

Round washbasins are classic forms, especially popular in flush-mounted models. They fit perfectly with cabinets. Such a set is a neat and functional combination. Round washbasins are also usually deeper than their square counterparts. Due to their soft, organic shapes, they will find use in minimalist arrangements, as well as in boho and japandi styles.

Okrągła umywalka to klasyczny model, który sprawdzi się w minimalistycznych aranżacjach

The round washbasin is a classic model that will work well in minimalist arrangements

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Geometric forms

Rectangular washbasins are mainly countertop models. Their installation is quick and easy. The rectangular form of the washbasin looks slender and elegant, creating a harmonious whole with a long countertop. The original design of rectangular washbasins perfectly fits into modern and industrial arrangements. This type of washbasins also goes well with minimalist bathrooms and interiors maintained in modern retro or modern classic style. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the presence of edges promotes sediment deposition, which can make it difficult to keep the basin clean.

Umywalki w kształcie prostokąta to najczęściej modele nablatowe

Rectangular-shaped washbasins are usually countertop models

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