Shower or bathtub in a small bathroom - examples of solutions and arrangements

What to install in the bathroom - a bathtub or a shower? For small bathrooms, this is a very important question, but there is no clear answer to it. The square footage of the bathroom is not as important as the needs of the residents. Let's see what kind of solutions are proposed by designers.

Shower or bathtub for a small bathroom?

Choosing the right sanitary facilities can be difficult, especially when it comes to deciding whether a bathtub or a shower is better for your space. These elements are the focal point of a bathroom space, and each has functional advantages, as well as complementing the aesthetics of the interior. Let's take a look at the features of both.


Bathtubs are a great addition to any bathroom that will serve as a place to relax. They are ideal for larger spaces, as they require more floor space than more compact showers. They are also more demanding to use and less convenient when you want to quickly get ready to go out. A bathtub fits well in a bathroom designed with a classic aesthetic in mind.

Freestanding bathtubs fit well in spacious rooms and are designed for longer baths - relaxing with a book or a TV series. This doesn't mean that they can't be installed in smaller spaces, but you have to take into account the fact that they won't be the most ergonomic solution available.

 Wanna o interesującym designie podnosi estetykę łazienki. Pomaga stworzyć klimat luksusu. Z punktu widzenia ekologii i ekonomii nie jest to najlepsze rozwiązanie, dlatego warto wybierać piękne, ale małe wanny.

A bathtub with an interesting design enhances the aesthetics of the bathroom. It helps create an atmosphere of luxury. From the point of view of ecology and economy, it is not the best solution, so it is worth choosing beautiful, but small bathtubs.

Photo: Arsen Lopez © Pixabay

If you want a bathtub in a small bathroom, choose a compact model. Wall-mounted and recessed bathtubs are designed to fit both large and smaller bathrooms. A carefully chosen bathtub shape will help you use the space wisely. Reach for non-standard bathroom furnishings solutions and those in which small size will not mean reduced functionality.

Remember to choose the bathtub already at the design stage. When every centimeter counts, the design must take into account the products that are available or bet on customized bathtubs. Do not rely solely on standards - sometimes a simple change in the layout helps to design a comfortable bathroom with a bathtub.

A bathroom with a bathtub can be economical, but this requires installing the right fixtures. Thermostatic faucets that help save water are one of them.

 Skosy w łazience są bardzo dobrym miejscem na montaż wanny.

Bevels in the bathroom are a very good place to install a bathtub. This allows you to make sensible use of the space and at the same time create a cozy bathing area. Here the bathtub was placed in the space behind the door - not a standard solution.

Photo: jeanvdmeulen © Pixabay

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Showers are ideal for spaces with modern aesthetics. Because of their versatility, showers fit both large and small spaces, and shower trays are available for any size bathroom and specific sizes that fit the available space.

A shower enclosure is a solution for family bathrooms or spaces used for getting ready for the day. Shower trays come in a variety of sizes, with smaller square bases ideal for small spaces and longer rectangular ones better suited to large rooms. A shower tray is ideal for someone who doesn't intend to use the bathroom as a place to relax, but as a purely functional interior.

Możesz mieć duży, wygodny prysznic w małej łazience. Różnica pomiędzy tym rozwiązaniem a wanną jest zasadnicza - oszklona kabina prysznicowa nie zmniejsza optycznie łazienki.You can have a large, comfortable shower in a small bathroom. The difference between this solution and a bathtub is fundamental - a glass shower cubicle does not visually reduce the size of the bathroom.

Photo AdrienVillezPhotography © Pixabay

Glass-enclosed cabins are optically light, so they are perfect for small bathrooms. The space behind the glass is perfectly visible, so the walls can be used for decoration. The shower area does not at all have to be finished in the same way as the rest of the bathroom. You can confidently use ceramic mosaics and decors that will help visually model the room. Outside the shower area, your bathroom walls can be decorated with striking waterproof wallpaper or wood and vertical gardens.

Is there a reasonable compromise?

We will answer with a question: how to combine a shower with a bathtub? The answer is modern solutions that offer the functionality of bathtub and shower. A good example is protective glass for the bathtub and the addition of a rain showerhead to a standard faucet.

Proste rozwiązania pomagają podnieść funkcjonalność łazienki. Wystarczy szyba i bateria prysznicowa, by uzyskać przysłowiowe 2w1.

Simple solutions help increase the functionality of the bathroom. All you need is a glass and a shower faucet to get the proverbial 2-in-1.

Photo Lisaphotos195 © Pixabay

A bathtub with a shower cover allows you to use both bathtub and shower functions. You can enjoy a long relaxing bath, as well as a quick and comfortable shower, depending on your preferences and needs. If you have limited space in your bathroom, a bathtub with a shower enclosure is an excellent solution. Instead of a separate bathtub and shower enclosure, you can have one unit that performs both functions. This significantly reduces the occupied space and gives you more room for other elements of the bathroom.

In terms of practicality, it's worth knowing that a bathtub with a shower enclosure can be better thermally insulated than a traditional bathtub. This means that the water in the bath keeps its temperature longer, allowing you to enjoy a warm bath for longer.

Already know which solution will work best for you?

For larger rooms and spaces with vintage or classic aesthetics, a bathtub will work better, while a shower is more versatile and suits both large and small spaces.

For those who want to create a bathroom where they can get ready in the morning and relax in the evening, a bathtub with a shower is the best option. On the other hand, those who are designing their space with the intention of selling it in the future should remember to install at least one bathtub. Smaller apartments are usually better suited for showers, so it's better to lean towards this solution.

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