How to decorate a bathroom for a senior?

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  1. When decorating a senior citizen's bathroom, you must pay attention to ensuring safety, independence and comfortable use.
  2. Choose non-slip tiles or a rug with a special floor to protect the senior from falls.
  3. Handles and handrails will help with balance.
  4. You can install a chair in the shower.
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Good design of a bathroom for an elderly person is extremely important. Properly decorated, it will ensure safety, comfort and independence. Check out our tips on creating a bathroom for a senior.

Decorating a bathroom for a senior

Where to buy bathroom equipment for a senior?

Buying bathroom equipment for a senior from a reliable manufacturer is very important. To ensure the safety of an elderly person and to make the bathroom easy to access and use, it is important to choose proven products. One such manufacturer is Hewi, which offers innovative solutions to make everyday life easier for people with disabilities.

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A rug with a non-slip surface will increase safety

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How to furnish a bathroom for a senior citizen?

Non-slip surfaces

Choose tiles and rugs with a non-slip surface to prevent slips, especially on wet floors.

Handholds and handrails

Install handles and hand rails in key areas, such as at the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. This will help the elderly person maintain balance and prevent falls.

Comfortable bathtub or shower

Choose a large bathtub or shower with a low threshold to make getting in and out easier. You can also install a shower chair if needed.

Elevated toilet

Install a toilet with a raised seat to make it easier to sit down and stand up.


Install bright and even lighting throughout the bathroom to ensure good visibility.

Convenient storage

Organize your bathroom storage space so that you don't have to bend down or reach high. This will allow easier access to everyday items. If the elderly person takes medication regularly, provide convenient access to medications, such as through special organizers or containers.

High-quality bathroom mat

Choose a bathroom mat with a soft, comfortable material that will keep the elderly person comfortable underfoot.

Materials that are easy to clean

The finishing materials used in a senior citizen's bathroom should be easy to clean. Exaggerated decorations and small elements where dirt can accumulate are not recommended.

Pamiętaj o dobrej organizacji leków, kosmetyków i przyborów pielęgnacyjnych

Remember to keep medicines, cosmetics and grooming utensils well organized

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Bathtub or shower?

The choice between a bathtub or shower for an elderly person depends on many factors. It's best to pay attention to the senior's mobility and daily needs, and of course safety concerns. Let's take a look at the advantages of both solutions.


  • Relaxation and therapy: Bathtubs can provide a relaxing experience and be beneficial to health, especially for joint or circulation problems.
  • Comfort: Some people prefer bathing in a tub and may feel more comfortable in warm water.

  • Therapeutic use: Whirlpool tubs have therapeutic benefits, such as relieving muscle or joint pain.


  • Safety: Many experts believe that a shower can be safer for the elderly, especially if it has a low threshold, a non-slip floor and handrails.

  • Easier access: A shower can be easier to get in and out of, which is important for people with limited mobility.

  • Time: Showers are typically faster and more efficient in terms of water consumption compared to filling a bathtub.

  • Space-saving: Showers take up less space in the bathroom, so they can be more practical for rooms of limited size.

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The choice between a bathtub and a shower for an elderly person depends on a number of factors

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What kind of shower for an elderly person?

Low threshold

A shower should have a low threshold or be completely threshold-free to avoid the risk of tripping or falling.


Handrails placed inside and around the shower can help an older person maintain balance.

Non-slip flooring

It's worth investing in a shower with a non-slip floor to reduce the risk of slipping on wet surfaces.

Shower chair

A comfortable seat in the shower allows an elderly person to relax and wash up without having to stand, which is especially important for those who have difficulty keeping their balance.

Spacious cabin

The shower stall should be spacious enough to allow an elderly person to move freely and perform hygiene tasks.

Adjustable shower head

A shower head with adjustable angle and height will make it easier to adjust the water flow to the senior's needs.

Good lighting

It's a good idea to provide adequate lighting around the shower to provide better visibility and reduce the risk of tripping.

Convenient access

Make sure the senior has easy access to the shower and that the door or entrance does not cause mobility problems.

Pomyśl nad zamontowaniem krzesełka pod prysznicem

Think about installing a shower chair

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