Aquatec rain showers and cascades - the easiest way to have a home spa in your own bathroom

Whether we are building or renovating a bathroom we are always dependent on the size of the room and budget. Size most often limits us to having to choose: bathtub or shower?

When looking for a compromise, we focus on the visible elements: tiles, ceramics, radiator, fixtures. We imagine our bathrooms as aesthetically pleasing spaces - pleasing to our eye and providing us with convenience in our daily hygiene activities. Some of us find a quick shower sufficient, others desire not only refreshment, but also a unique experience.

Deszczownica ze strumieniem tropikalny deszcz

Rainshower with tropical rain stream

© Aqautec

We go to great lengths to ensure that our rain showers provide homeowners with the satisfaction of a unique experience of sensual refreshment in the shower. Taking up this challenge, we have created shower systems of the highest functionality and aesthetic qualities to meet exactly your expectations.

Wylewka kaskadowa na ścienna

Cascade wall-mounted spout

© Aqautec

We know that when you start a new day with a morning shower you want to feel full of energy and freshness, and in the evening, after a full day of daily chores, have your ritual in your own bathroom, which will bring you relief and allow you to regenerate. We also know that sometimes you need relaxation, and sometimes just plain fun, and that's why we've incorporated a number of unique, patented solutions that will always be at your disposal.

Deszczownica ze strumieniem słupa wody

Rain shower with water column spray

© Aqautec

Indeed! You will find with us most likely the largest selection of rain showers!

The combination of various streams of flowing water in the shower from Aquatec rain showers is a guarantee that you will experience the unique sensations you expect at any given time.

Zestaw z dyszami do hydromasażu

A set with whirlpool jets

© Aqautec

22 years of manufacturing experience allows us to offer a wide and deep range of solutions for both small bathrooms and spacious bath rooms, and the rain shower can be mounted on the wall, in a corner, next to the bathtub, in a shower stall or arranged unusual recess of the shower space.

Zestaw ze słuchawką prysznicową w kolorze złotym

Set with shower handset in gold color

© Aqautec

Sharing our knowledge and experience, we will advise, prepare and supply - including individualized - equipment with the guarantee of the highest quality, the latest design trends, innovative and ecological and practical solutions, while providing professional service and reasonable prices.

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