TECE bathroom - a space for ideas, technology and the senses

TECE bathroom - a space for ideas, technology and the senses

A touch of magic

The senses have more and more to say in bathroom design. The touch of pleasant and natural materials brings solace. The sight capturing cozy colors brings a sense of well-being. A pleasant fragrance refreshes, and the gentle sound of water releases negative emotions and allows you to relax. This is known to the TECE brand, whose offer includes solutions with which we can create a sensual sanitary space. Examples are TECEvelvet flush buttons with a satin finish or the new TECEloop range of flush buttons made of natural materials - available in oak, white marble, slate stone or light concrete.

Przycisk spłukujący do WC TECEloop „lekki beton”

TECEloop "light concrete" toilet flush button.


Technology for hygiene

Smart technologies are making our lives easier and more comfortable every day. This also applies to sanitary rooms, which are increasingly daring to open their doors to modern solutions and thoughtful functionality. In the TECE bathroom, hygiene and comfort are ensured by, among other things, contactless flush electronics, such as TECEsolid, or flush buttons. TECEsolid or TECElux mini push-buttons, the intuitive-to-use and connection-free TECEone washing toilet, and the multifunctional TECElux toilet terminal - with glass housing in white and black, available with, among other things, electronic actuation and air purification function.

Terminal TECElux

TECElux terminal


Design without limits

The TECE bathroom is also a space close to users and architects. At its core is modern design, thoughtful technology, needs-driven functionality and design freedom.

  • Unlimited design possibilities are provided, among other things, by pre-wall elements, which set the framework for the project. Thanks to them, the architect can freely create the room, divide it into zones, plan the arrangement of installations.
  • The range of TECE sanitary systems is complemented by concealed ra cks for WC, urinal, bidet, under the sink or sink - with a wide range of compatible flush buttons for WC and urinals - available in many models, colors and finishes (in glass, plastic, metal, natural materials).
  • A wide range of linear drains allows you to design a functional, individual and open shower area. Profiles with the possibility of cutting, models in colors perfectly matched to the fixtures, grates for filling with stone and tiles - these are just a few examples of solutions that guarantee the freedom to create a shower space.

Odwodnienie TECEdrainprofile z powłoką PVD

TECEdrainprofile drainage with PVD coating.


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