Retro and loft lamps. Retrospective design of modern lighting technology

Polish production and recognized design

The EPIC LIGHT RHT Sp. z o.o. is a Polish brand of retro and loft style lamps. Lamp shades are manufactured using original forms from the 1950s-70s. Other components of the lamps are excellent quality modern technological solutions. Epic Light's design was recognized in a plebiscite organized by the Łódź Design Festival, honoring the best Polish implementations from Polish designers and manufacturers - the Gatsby lamp received the Must Have quality mark.

Lampy loftowe Mega Loft

Mega Loft Lamps

© Epic Light

Noble materials

The lamps are made of noble materials such as steel, brass and Bakelite. The metal lamp shades are created by hand spinning - a traditional craftsmanship method. On the outside they are covered with matte paint, which makes the settling dust less visible, and on the inside they are covered with glossy paint, which makes them reflect the light more intensively.

Turkusowe lampy

Turquoise enamel lamps

© Epic Light

New in the offer - enamel lamps

Enamel lamps are particularly noteworthy - in the standard collection they are available in cream, turquoise and green. Enamel lamps can be made in any color from the RAL palette (minimum quantity of 10 pieces), and can also be marked with a logo or any design, which is an original solution for cafes, restaurants and hotels, or various service facilities.

Lampy loftowe lakierowane

Lacquered loft lamps

© Epic Light

Decorative light bulbs

Complementing the range of lamps are beautiful decorative light bulbs, available in a very wide selection. The company offers bulbs of well-known brands, available in many shapes, such as: spheres of various sizes, teardrops, tubes, classic pears. Including extremely original, luxurious bulbs of the Italian brand Daylight in the shape of squashed balls, in the shape of stars or hearts.

At Epic Light, each customer will receive advice on the selection of light bulbs for the lamp model and interior.

Zielone lampy emaliowane

Green enamel lamps

© Epic Light

Customized solutions

EpicLight treats each customer individually - they will quickly and efficiently realize a lamp according to individual preferences, with a wire of any length and in any color, ending with a headliner or plug. The company is open to new solutions and creative cooperation with interior designers and individual customers. Epic Light lamps are supplied to homes, apartments, but also hotels, cafes and restaurants.

More information about the company EPIC LIGHT RHT Sp. z o.o. in the PdD portal.