Jablonski parquets - when passion for natural wood combines with experience in its processing

Good from the ground up - put wood on your floor

The natural beauty and warmth of wood has always served interiors, while the richness of its varieties and shades does not allow for boredom. The noble simplicity of wood can give a cozy character to a bedroom, or palace elegance to a living room. At home , it is worth starting with the basics, that is, a floor covered with the best planks - a wide range of such products is provided by PARKIETY JABŁOŃSKI.

Deska Dąb Kl.
Naturalna Lakier Sonora Mat

Natural oak plank, Sonora matt lacquer


Experience and development for generations -
Parkiet Jabłoński company with tradition

How were Jabłoński Parquets born? A love for wood and knowledge of its use has been a tradition passed down in the Jablonski family for over 140 years! Fashions have changed and technologies have developed, but the desire to provide products of the highest quality has remained unchanged.

Passion and years of experience have created a company that has been responding to the needs of customers looking for the best solid wood parquets for almost 30 years. In keeping with tradition, floors are finished with exceptional precision and care. Thanks to this, the unique character and the best features of noble wood species are always preserved in Parkiety Jabłoński.

All products are characterized by high ecological values and are CE and FSC certified.

Parkiet Dab Kl.
Rustical Olejowosk Bezbarwny

Parquet Oak Kl. Rustical, oil-wax, colorless


Noble heating -
long-lasting oak and universal ash

Oak parquet

Oak wood is a timeless classic - considered one of the noblest wood species, this exceptionally durable, hard-wearing, natural material ensures a flawless floor for many years. Oak parquet also has thermal and acoustic insulation properties - interiors with such flooring are warmer and quieter. Do not forget about aesthetic qualities - the characteristic irregular grain looks great in any space.

Jodełka Francuska Jesion Kl. Naturalna Olejowosk Bezbarwny

French herringbone, ash Kl. natural, oil-wax, colorless


Ash floors

Ash is characterized by an exceptionally impressive wood grain. Thanks to this, it is a stylish background for displaying furnishings or interior details. Universal charm of ash is not all - it is one of the most solid species, so ash floors are very resistant to mechanical damage.

Jodełka Węgierska
Jesion Termo Kl. Selekt Lakier Bezbarwny Satynowy

Hungarian herringbone, thermo ash, Kl. selekt, clear varnish, satin finish


Thermo oak and thermo ash - thermally modified wood floors with underfloor heating

Since 2008, the offer of Parquet Jablonski has been enriched with thermally modified wood products. Thermo oak and thermo ash are products recommended for installation on underfloor heating, which has been confirmed by tests conducted by the Building Research Institute - years of experience have allowed Jabłoński Parquet to achieve high stability of solid wood regardless of changes in temperature or humidity. Thus, the company is not only a pioneer on the Polish market, but also a specialist in thermal processing of ash and oak.

Jodełka francuska,
dąb Kl. naturalna, lakier biały, satyna

French herringbone, oak Kl. natural, white lacquer, satin


To choose, to color... and to pattern

Jabloński parquets can be found in a wide selection of colors - from bright, standard proposals to caramel, chocolate or gray tones. In addition to raw wood floors, you can choose those finished with a ready coating of varnish or oil-wax. Such preparation significantly speeds up the process of installing the floor - planks of this type are the flagship product line "Flooria".

Floor elements can be arranged in a variety of ways. For many interiors, those in the shape of a classic plank or parquet (in various dimensions) work well. Fashionable variants of herringbone (French, Hungarian and classic) - that is, laid at an angle, stylish "braids" of floor staves - are also making a comeback. Jabłoński Parquet's offer also includes additional decorative floor patterns.


Peace of nature

Jablonski parquets are always there, where the dreams of customers must meet the knowledge and experience of professionals - to support and advise in the selection of the best flooring solutions.

The world of wood is full of natural beauty and timeless charm.
Thanks to Parkietom Jabłoński, customers can find this world in their own home.

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