The flooring that architects choose

Arbiton vinyl panels - beautiful as wood, durable as stoneware

We live in times when everyone strives for perfection. In search of ideals we are ready to traverse the world and sacrifice a lot. Meanwhile, perfection may be very close at hand. Right at the threshold of your interior door. Meet Arbiton vinyl panels - floors that combine the best features of natural wood with the utility of ceramic tiles. Beautiful as wood, durable as stoneware. True perfection in the world of flooring. Arbiton HD Mineral Core vinyl panels are floors eagerly chosen by architects. This is because they combine excellent design with unparalleled usability.

DĄB YANKEE z kolekcji Amaron Herringbone

YANKEE OAK from the Amaron Herringbone collection

© Arbiton

Mineral core - what is it?

Modern vinyl panels have a rigid, extremely durable core, which conducts heat very well. The name comes from the English RIGID. An example of this type of core is HD Mineral Core, a solid core made from natural rock minerals and modern polymers. It provides exceptional impact resistance and conducts heat very well. This makes the product ideal for laying on underfloor heating. It is also not afraid of flooding, because the floor from Arbiton is completely waterproof. The panels are characterized by high durability and increased scratch resistance (thanks to Titanium Nano Layer technology).

z kolekcji Amaron Superiore. Najdłuższa deska winylowa z rdzeniem mineralnym.

GAILLARDE OAK from the Amaron Superiore collection. The longest vinyl plank with mineral core.

© Arbiton

Created with art in mind

The latest collection of Amaron Superiore vinyl panels are certainly some of the longest vinyl planks available in Europe. They are over 183 cm long, making them look very striking and natural. Superiore panels owe their synchronous structure(Natural Synchrone Structure) to the embossing technique (EIR). It gives a hyper natural effect, which is enhanced by a deep matte, elegant finish. Amaron Superiore is a collection consisting of four natural shades. It will delight any lover of large formats.

Warmer colors also on large vinyl panels

2021 is the year in which most designers move away from cool minimalist Scandinavian designs. A warmer style has been introduced, and designed interiors are closer to the Danish hygge philosophy. Light oak colors reign indivisibly on our floors. They account for almost 30% of all the decors offered by flooring manufacturers. Oak is not only synonymous with luxurious flooring, but also a bright and warm color that provides the perfect backdrop for more extravagant accessories. Bright oak colors on the floor will not dominate the interior. They will provide the perfect background for both Scandinavian and glamorous interiors. The floor in the natural color of oak also composes with walls in strong, saturated colors. It will be an interesting counterpoint to the current color of the year - gray combined with lemon yellow.

DĄB GEORGETOWNz kolekcji Amaron Herringbone

GEORGETOWN OAK from the Amaron Herringbone collection

© Arbiton

Herringbone floor without sanding

Is this even possible? The pattern, which was previously reserved for wooden parquet floors, is now also available in the form of vinyl panels. Amaron Herringbone is the world's first herringbone flooring with a mineral core - HD MINERAL CORE®. Thanks to the technology used, these panels are characterized by high durability. They are also resistant to the influence of weather conditions - they do not shrink when exposed to temperature and do not degrade when exposed to water. They are absolutely ideal material for laying on underfloor heating, including in bathrooms and kitchens. Thanks to their properties, even laid in a floating system, they do not require additional expansion joints, so we can create a uniform floor throughout the house, which will deceptively resemble a natural glued parquet. Panels from the Herringbone collection are available in five, natural light colors. They will work well both in modern construction and in old, atmospheric tenements.

Dąb Yankee
z kolekcji Liberal

Yankee oak from Liberal collection

© Arbiton

Floors from Arbiton - design and technology

Arbiton vinyl panels are a product that delights with its appearance, and at the same time is very thoughtful in terms of usability. In addition to classic colors and plank sizes, we have a choice of unique Superiore panels, or the beautiful " herringbone" Herringbone. There is also a separate line of Arbiton Stone panels, which impresses with grays and stone structure.

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