MP doors unique as each of us - behind our doors is your idea

Every day we convince ourselves that home should be a source of peace and rest. That's why we look for solutions that we don't have to adapt to, because they will adapt to us. This is what MP DOORS are, unique as each of us. Made with passion and the utmost care for every detail.

Drzwi zewnętrzne stare drewno DZ89

DZ89 old wood exterior door


Following the latest trends and reaching back to the past, combining tradition with modernity, we have created five unique collections of interior doors. RUSTIC is a collection of MP doors, whose main goal is to highlight the natural beauty of wood.

Kolekcja FLAT DW 40 palisander

FLAT DW 40 rosewood collection


They are always created from fully ecological and renewable raw materials. The construction of these doors is based on pine wood covered with a layer of real brushed oak. Thanks to the method of oiling used, we get an extremely natural and subtle grain of the wood. This technology is fully ecological and safe also for children and people with allergies.

Drzwi zewnętrzne DZ 130

DZ 130 exterior door


CLASSIC is a collection of doors that gives the interior a unique style. A wide selection of ornaments in the form of feet, crowns, cornices and bands will allow you to configure a door perfectly suited to any interior. An important element of the collection, are stylized glazing, emphasizing its elegant character. MILLED is an unlimited group of MP door designs distinguished by minimalism and yet elegance. Thanks to the use of modern technology and an individual idea, we can create an exceptional and unique design made especially for the customer.

Kolekcja RUSTIC DW 77

RUSTIC DW 77 collection


MODERN is a group of doors with a modern character, the design of which is based on geometric shapes. A variety of surface finishes, combined with a range of available shapes and types of glazing, makes it possible to achieve an effective and practical space. FLAT is synonymous with minimalism. The simple, flat form of the door enriched with an interesting natural wood grain, stone veneer or opaque varnish from the RAL or NCS palette will find its way into any interior. This collection is also recommended for use as a concealed door, which is perfect for small interiors as well as in office or hotel facilities.

Kolekcja RUSTIC DW 98 (sp2)

RUSTIC DW 98 (sp2) collection


MP DRZWI, in addition to participating in the design process of your dream interior doors, also offers exterior doors. Any configuration of designs and accessories, allows you to achieve unique effects in the form of a unique product not available in retail chains. MP DRZWI is able to realize the most complex author's designs based on sketches or photos provided. MP offers full support during the entire process from professional advice, measurement, through to fabrication and installation of doors.

Kolekcja CLASSIC DW 105

CLASSIC DW 105 collection


For more information, visit the company's MP DRZWI page on the PdD portal.