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Klink International - the largest selection of natural stones in Poland

04 of December '23

KLINK International, with more than 30 years of experience, holds a leading position among Polish importers and distributors of natural stone. The company has its own logistics center, as well as an extensive network of showrooms, which are located in the largest cities in the country. It is through them that it is possible to effectively serve customers from all over Poland. The business is complemented by a thriving online store

The company specializes in importing natural stone from various corners of the world, also providing materials for individual orders. KLINK cooperates with architects, designers, private investors, institutions, contractors and stonemasons. The company focuses on professionalism and high quality service, which translates into long-term relationships with customers.

KLINK offers a variety of high-quality stone materials, including granite, marble, slate, quartzite, limestone, travertine and sandstone. The diverse range of natural stones gives customers the opportunity to choose materials tailored to their specific needs and project style.

Płytki: Łupek Black Slate naturalny Kostka granitowa: G603 New Bianco Cristal płomieniowana

Tiles: slate Black Slate natural Granite pavers: G603 New Bianco Cristal flamed

© Klink International

A wide spectrum of natural stone use

Natural stone is a versatile material that is used in both functional and decorative construction. It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate both classic finishes and modern design solutions. It exhibits exceptional parameters, such as resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion and the ability to effectively accumulate and release heat. It is an extremely durable material that performs well both indoors and outdoors.

© Klink International

Natural stone is the most versatile solution for finishing driveways, terraces, balconies and stairs. Its aesthetics will not only emphasize the character of any facade, but also protect the surface from damage. Thanks to its resistance to temperature fluctuations, the stone will maintain its excellent condition for many years, providing not only beauty, but also functionality.

Natural stone materials are an extremely practical choice for rooms of intensive use, such as hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. Thanks to its wide range of colors, stone makes it possible to create interiors in a variety of styles, from warm and cozy, through subdued and naturalistic, to raw industrial atmospheres.

The variety of available finishes, such as polished, flamed, honed, brushed, antiqued, tumbled or split, makes natural stone the perfect material for any Architect and Designer. The ability to match the stone to the specific aesthetic preferences and functional requirements of the room makes this material not only elegant, but also extremely versatile.

Kostka granitowa w Herbarium Hotel&SPA

Granite pavers in the Herbarium Hotel&SPA

© Klink International


KLINK International also offers ceramic tiles, quartz sinters, large-format stoneware and 20 mm stoneware, as well as glazed tiles. The company works with some of the world's largest and most recognized manufacturers, such as Villeroy&Boch, Pamesa Ceramica, Nord Ceram and Peronda. Thanks to its own logistics center, KLINK has a high inventory, thanks to which it guarantees very fast delivery of tiles coming from Spain, Italy and Germany, among others.

Quartz sinters, porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles are not only finishing elements, but also key elements, giving character and uniqueness to interiors. KLINK showrooms offer a wide selection of tiles for interiors and exteriors, including those as thin as 20 mm. An increasingly popular trend in the field of architecture is large-format tiles, whose rich patterns, colors and finishes are also available at KLINK - even in three-meter formats.

Płytki marmurowe w Hotelu Krasicki

Marble tiles at the Krasicki Hotel

© Klink International

KLINK is where you'll find a wide range of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, quartz sinters and glazed tiles from reputable brands. With a guaranteed delivery within days, you can enjoy your new finishing materials faster than ever. At KLINK, you'll find a wide range of designs, shapes and colors that allow you to create a unique interior to suit your taste and style.

KLINK's offer is constantly updated to be in line with global trends and meet customer expectations. The rich assortment of natural stone, as well as ceramic tiles, quartz sinters and others can be viewed in person at one of the 19 showrooms, or conveniently ordered online through the online store.

Cegiełki Marmurowe Queen Beige Bębnowane

Queen Beige Drummed Marble Bricks

© Klink International

KLINK products will meet the most demanding customers, creating durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for a variety of projects.

Cooperation with KLINK International

KLINK has extensive cooperation with architects and designers, offering full support of consultants at every stage of the project. Partners can count on participation in thematic training courses, trips to factories, as well as attractive terms of cooperation. A rich database of photos of natural stones has been created especially for architects and designers cooperating with the company. The files are saved in high resolutions and are perfect for creating textures and visualizations.

Panel ścienny: Łupek Stackstone Multicolor Rockface

Wall panel: Stackstone Multicolor Rockface Slate

© Klink International



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