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Flexible Clinker Group - new, unlimited possibilities for façade solutions

03 of December '23

The Flexible Clinker Group has been revolutionizing the approach to façade solutions for more than 15 years. It distinguishes itself in the construction market with innovative products, offering speed, flexibility and durability, and opening up completely new, unlimited possibilities for building design - no more limits!

This is confirmed by more than 4 million m² of completed facades!

The products are recognized among developers, architects, investors, contractors or individual customers looking for unique solutions for their investments. This is confirmed by thousands of residential buildings, public buildings and monuments, which have gained a unique appearance and durability for years.

Mineralne płytki klinkierowe - Elastolith

Mineral clinker tiles - Elastolith



Elastolith - brick façade solutions for professionals

Hand-created mineral clinker tiles for professionals that provide unlimited building design possibilities.

Elastolith is a product for professionals - a tool for those who shape the future of architecture and design and strive to create unique spaces with high functionality and durability. It allows full freedom in the creation of both external facades and interiors, while ensuring the individuality of the implementation - more than 13,000 colors to choose from and the possibility to create your own unique shade!

Mineralne płytki klinkierowe - Elastolith

Mineral clinker tiles - Elastolith


Elabrick - clinker tiles for self-assembly

Easy to install mineral clinker tiles that require neither expertise nor specialized tools! Simply DIY.

Elabrick offers mineral clinker tiles manufactured from natural components, characterized by a unique texture and a rich palette of colors inspired by the world. It's a combination of strength and lightness - the frost- and UV-resistant clinker tiles weigh just 4.5 kg/m. Installation is child's play and you can do it yourself - three steps are enough. Thanks to Elabrick, everyone can become the creator of their own unique space and give facades and interiors an individual character.

Mineralne płytki klinkierowe - Elabrick

Mineral clinker tiles - Elabrick


Flexible Clinker - tiles with a natural cut brick effect.

Flexibleclinker tiles that perfectly reproduce the effect of cut brick. Combination of artisan tradition with modern flexible solutions and production in Polish manufactory.

Flexible clinker tiles manufactured with attention to detail, characterized by a texture reminiscent of fired cut bricks. Each tile is unique, with a rich spectrum of natural nuances - a testament to authenticity and craftsmanship. The unique properties of flexible clinker provide designers with endless possibilities for creating spaces. Easy installation and light weight of the entire system allow both indoor and outdoor use.

Mineralne płytki klinkierowe - Elastyczny Klinkier

Mineral clinker tiles - Flexible Clinker


Rawall - flexible architectural concrete

Rawall is a single solution, offering the visual effect of different materials: concrete, sheet metal, corten, sandstone. A product for industrial character without compromising on quality and style!

RAWALL revolutionizes the traditional use of concrete, offering a product that, thanks to its flexibility and lightness (7kg/m2), opens up new design possibilities. Easy installation and processing ensure seamless adaptation to any project. RAWALL is distinguished by a wide range of colors, going beyond the standard possibilities of concrete, allowing full personalization in architectural projects. Flexible concrete, while lightweight, is weather-resistant, making it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Elastyczny beton architektoniczny - Rawall (kolor: corten)

Flexible architectural concrete - Rawall (color: corten)


Softwood - facade boards that combine the natural aesthetics of wood
with the exceptional flexibility of the material!

Flexible SOFTWOOD planks perfectly reflect the authentic appearance of natural wood and emphasize its unique texture. Non-flammable, they provide durability and resistance to weather conditions - they are the right choice for demanding projects, both for interiors and exteriors. They give the opportunity to create a unique effect of finishing the space. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a practical choice - they offer easy, economical installation and durability for years.

Elastyczna deska elewacyjna - Softwood, mineralne płytki klinkierowe - Elabrick

Flexible facade board - Softwood, mineral clinker tiles - Elabrick


Evotech - ultralight fiber-cement structural panels

Evotech is a breathable mineral-infused cement board that brings a new quality to construction.

Offering 17% less weight than standard market products, they make installation and cutting easier. Free of asbestos, cellulose and gypsum, EVOTECH is a safe choice for exterior as well as interior applications - from walls and ventilated facades to soffits and modular construction. Their high resistance to fire, frost and moisture makes them a choice for harsh environments, while the lack of a vapor barrier eliminates the risk of condensation and mold, which translates into maintaining quality and aesthetics over the long term and hygienic use.

Elastyczny beton architektoniczny - Rawall

Flexible architectural concrete - Rawall


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