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Wood – a noble and durable material in architecture

05 of June '23

From the series "Terraces, doormats, floors – trends 2023"

Wood is still an integral element in architecture and construction we meet it at every step in our immediate environment. It's not just a material for working on monuments, but a modern solution that creates a great effect and allows for true quality.

Focusing on quality

Passion for wood this is the most important factor that constitutes Sylva's mission. The use of wood in construction and architecture, as well as interior design or landscaping, is a subject still undiscovered to the end. The possibilities of this noble raw material still remain wide.

That's why Sylva is also investing in its manufacturing processes X-ray scanners that allow a better understanding of the control and quality of wood products, or source renewal in the form of planting new forests are just some of the solutions Sylva uses to ensure the highest possible quality while respecting natural resources.

drewno na tarasy wzmocnione technologią Durapin

Wood for terraces reinforced with Durapin technology

© Sylva

Durapin, or quality for many years

We often associate wood with materials that lose quality and are perishable in the context of time. Nothing could be further from the truth! Today's technologies make it possible to use wood one hundred percent. One solution that enhances the possibilities of wood is the modern Durapin technology from PIVETEAUBOIS. What does this technology consist of? It consists of seven stages of impregnation.

First the wood is dried before impregnation, then it is put into an autoclave which allows the product to be isolated from external stimuli. The vacuum removes air from the autoclave to then fill it with preservative. The preservative is injected into the wood under pressure in the autoclave. The injection is followed by the removal of the preservatives to finally apply a vacuum to remove excess solution from the wood even before the wood is extracted.

This is how PIVETEAUBOIS has been processing wood since 1984! Today, the company operates 12 autoclaves that process more than 100,000 cubic meters of wood each year. This is how Durapin technology is available to Sylva's customers.

drewno na tarasy wzmocnione technologią Durapin

Wood for terraces reinforced with Durapin technology

© Sylva

How can wood reinforced with Durapin technology be used? The range of applications is huge.

  • Terraces and joists we can choose not only by length;
  • wooden facades more than a dozen different variants. In addition, the wood for the facade from Sylva can be adjusted taking into account the distance between the boards or their direction;
  • garden architecture not only the previously mentioned terraces, but also fences, flower pots, benches, slats, pergolas or garden houses;
  • structural timber Sylva's products are also excellent structural timber used in the classic solution, as well as in CLT glulam technology;
  • pellets one example of the company's sustainable philosophy is the production of pellets, which are made from the leftover wood used in production.

Durapin's technology is based on 35 years of experience and flawless impregnation quality  so the wood is guaranteed for up to 20 years above ground and 15 years in contact with the ground.

For more information, visit the company's Sylva page on the PdA portal.

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