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Twinson terrace: the best choice!

07 of December '21

Twinson terrace: the best choice!

Awarded the "Customer Laurel Discovery 2021", the Twinson terrace system is the best solution if the user is looking for a terrace that looks natural and forms a harmonious whole with the surroundings. Twinson terraces are not only resistant to weather conditions and intensive and long-term use, but also available in a wide range of colors and structures. The timeless beauty that Twinson offers you is within your reach.

Taras widokowy Twinson
w Widuchowej

Twinson viewing terrace in Widuchowa


Natural, durable, beautiful!

The combination of technology and design in this system makes Twinson decking boards look great when surrounded by nature. Solid plank with protective polymer coating Majestic Massive Pro with melange effect and wood grain texture is a great visual alternative to wood planks. It is available in four natural colors: stone oak, rustic oak, antique oak and mountain oak.
The Essential Terrace chambered plank and Character Massive solid plank come in 6 natural colors: graphite , hazel, spicy brown, gray, steel, walnut. The former comes in a double-sided fluted version (wide and fine), while the latter is finely fluted or brushed.
Unlike wooden boards, Twinson composite boards eliminate the risk of splinters or decay of the material, provide durability and resistance to weather and biodegradation. They do not require additional maintenance, such as oiling or varnishing. Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro solid (solid) decking boards in particular have demonstrated their high durability over the years. In addition, the innovative combination of nature and technology provides the warmth of the plank that resembles the natural warmth of wood to the touch. What more could you want from a terrace?

realizacji trudnych i wymagających kształtów

Possibility to realize difficult and demanding shapes


Multiple forms mean no limits

Twinson decking systems offerunlimited design possibilities when it comes to the shape of the terrace you create. Even cutting-edge, trend-setting designs can be realized without aesthetic concerns thanks to the rich finishing system.
Character Massive and Majestic Massive Pro solid boards can be cut with ease and precision to the most diverse shapes, and thanks to flexible angles - the aluminum structural profiles can be joined at any angle. For simple geometric shapes, on the other hand, the chambered Essential Terrace board is ideal.
The aluminum substructure of the system, unlike wood or composite, is extremely stable and will not deform.

Prywatny taras pod

Private terrace near Poznań


Fast, intuitive and... without screws

With help in shaping the terrace space comes the latest, intuitive Twinson Click installation system, which allows you to lay even the largest terrace surfaces without a single screw. Thanks to it, the process of installing a terrace is not only simple, but also convenient for installers, and the available repair fasteners make it possible to replace a board even from the middle of the terrace without any problems if necessary.

Naturalne kolory desek
dopasują się do otoczenia

The natural colors of the boards will match their surroundings


Twinson Click allows for leveling from 45 to 225 mm. Thanks to its adjustable narrower diameter brackets, it is ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as against a house wall or balustrade. The system allows the project to be completed in a very short time thanks to the triangular base (Triax) used, into which the aluminum frame is "glued", as well as a set of "smart" clips:

  • an adjustable connector for attaching extreme boards and trims,
  • a swivel fastener for attaching boards to the aluminum substructure at angles other than straight,
  • a flexible angle bracket for bolting the aluminum structure into the frame at any possible angle.

Installation will also be improved by a single joist mounting base, which completes the snap-in system. Use it where there is no corner or cross connection of the joists.

Zastosowanie tarasu
Twinson w budownictwie wielorodzinnym

Application of Twinson decking in multi-family construction


Leisure comfort

A terrace should be a favorite place to spend free time, a perfect relaxation space that will last for years. That's why Twinson planks have full resistance to microbiological corrosion and a 25-year warranty against biodegradation. Thanks to its grooved anti-slip surface, Twinson planks provide full safety of use (slip resistance PTV ≥ 55 for Character Massive, PTV ≥ 50 for Essential Terrace, PTV ≥ 36 for Majestic Massive Pro). The material's fire resistance and non-proliferation of fire are guaranteed by certifications: fire reaction class Bfl s1 and Broof t1 certification for roof terraces.
With Twinson boards, there is no risk of splinters. Unlike wood, they do not spontaneously crack or warp. The planks' stain- and scratch-resistant surface makes them ideal for frequently used terraces and balconies, as well as high-traffic public areas. Twinson planks are also ideal as a material for roof terraces.

Prywatny taras
w Czechach

A private terrace in the Czech Republic


With the environment in mind

The wood used in Twinson composite products comes from PEFC-certified forests , while the PVC is high-quality and plasticizer-free. In addition, all Twinson decking system components are designed to be 100% recyclable. Twinson boards have an eco-friendly core, made entirely of recycled PVC manufactured at the Deceuninck Recycling Center in Dikismuide, Belgium.

Learn more at

For more information, visit the company's Deceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.. page on the PdA portal.

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