Our passion for wood has always driven our family mission - to build a better, sustainable future for future generations by making the most of every tree. We play a huge role in expanding the use of wood in construction, and add as much as possible to value wood products, as well as continue to restore and replant our forests. With this bold goal, we are constantly investing and developing new innovative working methods to meet the challenges of changing markets. Our business continues to grow uninterrupted. We have invested heavily in X-ray scanner technology to better understand and control the quality of our wood products. Straight from the log, each tree is analyzed in detail to best match the strength of the log to the requirements of the final lumber. We have also installed scanners in our processing workshops to guarantee reliable high quality products at all times. These technological advances mean that monitoring is done throughout the processing stage to maintain quality and deliver a trusted, reliable product to customers. Learn about our experience, wide range of products and the defining spirit that drives our company to such great success.

Let's live together and build with wood.

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