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LUMON folding balcony facades - Finnish design, 40 years of experience, more than one million customers worldwide

17 of September '21

Are you looking for a construction material that meets energy saving and noise protection requirements? A product that features high quality and attention to sustainability? A material that visually blends in with the building facade? Although it is actually an outdoor space of the building, it is a balcony or covered terrace. A place, in a multi-family and single-family building, where one can take shelter from the rain, sun, wind, or gain privacy. A space that is part of the apartment, thanks to the use of Lumon folding glazing.

Balcony - outdoor private living space

Migration from rural areas to cities, urbanization of space, development of construction of multi-story buildings and, on the other hand, people's need to be outdoors and in open spaces has made one of the most important criteria for choosing an apartment is to have a balcony, terrace. Recently, the isolation caused by the pandemic has further accelerated such decisions among buyers.

In the 1970s, architect Reima Pietilä, suggested that the most convenient solution would be to equip balconies with glazing. Which in turn would make it easier to furnish them with furniture and improve their quality of use. The popularity of glass solutions began to grow, but it wasn't until decades later that the so-called sliding glass and retractable frameless glazing systems for balconies became widespread, which today are the most popular glazing products.

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They were considered necessary not only for architectural and structural reasons, but also for improving living comfort and reducing noise levels. In addition, frameless, lightweight glazing blends in perfectly with existing buildings, and thus has minimal impact on lowering the aesthetic value of the cityscape.

Lumon glass products are stylish and elegant, blending perfectly into any facade structure, creating its appearance.

A glazed balcony increases the value of an apartment by 5%

Lumon commissioned the Taloustutkimus Oy institute in Finland to conduct research in four very different housing markets: Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. The research was carried out in local languages by national research companies. The target group was potential private purchasers of new housing who wanted to move into a new home, rather than purchase with investment intent.

Despite differences from country to country, the main results were similar. As many as 67-85% of respondents were willing to pay more to equip their new home with a balcony protected by frameless glass. What's more, 72-88% believed that such a balcony would raise the value of an apartment by at least an additional 5%.

Based on the full results of the survey, Lumon has developed business caseswith its clients that show real net returns (up to 7-digit Euro values) for different profiles of residential investments.

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Why choose Lumon products?

  • Designed for extreme weather conditions (made in Finland, proven in Scandinavian countries. Lumon balcony glazing is resistant to winds up to 300 km/h)
  • technologically and visually coherent whole (small profiles and design details create a stylish whole, giving a product that is easy and convenient to use)
  • environmentally friendly construction (carbon dioxide emissions associated with glazing the balcony compensate after an average of 3.5 years)
  • long-life design (Lumon glazing protects balcony and facade structures from damage, reducing the need for maintenance by 50%)
  • better noise reduction (Lumon glazing blocks 50% or up to 27 dB of annoying outside noise)
  • quality guarantee (the company provides a 5-year warranty on each glazing installed) and safety.

Company's offer

Lumon Glazings

Two options to choose from: sliding or folding. Both variants are frameless. In the case of the sliding variant, the panes open, sliding sideways, smoothly along the corresponding rails. At the end, they are juxtaposed together, so you get an unobstructed view of the outside. In the case of the folding variant, the panes open completely, i.e. by folding against the wall. This solution is suitable for those who want to get additional open space.

Lumon Balustrades

Made of lightweight, durable materials, they provide durability and functionality and give the building an elegant and modern look.

Lumon Blinds

Lumon smart blinds provide privacy and protection from solar radiation. They fit perfectly with the rest of the Lumom product range.

Lumon Roofs

Designed for terraces, penthouses, rooftops, first floors, restaurants, they integrate perfectly with Lumon glazing systems. Developed and proven in harsh winter conditions, with snow loads, and effective in wind and light heat.

© Lumon

Cooperation with architects on technical design

Lumon employees work with architects to suggest specific technological solutions. Lumon's local and global websites contain a wealth of useful information for architects, including technical product brochures, a balcony façade planning guide, technical drawings, GDL objects for ArchiCAD users.

More information HERE

Free tool for designers

Revit users can download the ProdLib application and libraries here

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