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Cosentino facing change - course for innovation, sustainability and people

13 of September '21

Economics and ecology
- Technology and thinking hope for the future

The company {tag:Manufacturer} boasts a number of planned investments for industrial, environmental and product development this year, through which it has developed, among other things, groundbreaking, environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies such as HybriQ. The unprecedented scale of the current climate crisis and the impact of most manufacturers' activities on the environment, prompted the company to implement solutions to mitigate the negative effects of production. Cosentino has made a huge effort this year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and a recently presented CSR report proves that companies following this path have a real impact on stabilizing global temperatures and avoiding catastrophe.

{Image@url=,alt=Cosentino Industrial Park, Cantoria,title=Cosentino Industrial Park, Cantoria}

Cosentino Industrial Park, Cantoria

© Cosentino

Sustainability - the fate of the planet in our hands

Nowadays, corporate actions based on sustainability are becoming more necessary than ever. It's a necessity at a time of widening social disparities, environmental degradation and a growing climate crisis, with water levels rising so alarmingly, global warming and an unprecedented number of fires, floods and droughts.

A successful marriage of economics and ecology

In a year marked by the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Cosentino (maker of the highly regarded Dekton and Silestone large-format surfaces), therefore, focused on a business model based primarily on sustainability. As a result, the company has not only increased its contribution to achieving the sustainability demands associated with its business, but has maintained satisfactory financial performance in the process. Global cooperation, based on consistent implementation of significant changes in the production and waste management process, was required to face these issues. Consentino's total investments in these areas, including environmental management, totaled nearly 120 million euros.

Fabryka Cosentino Silestone Fabryka Cosentino Silestone Fabryka Cosentino Silestone

Cosentino Silestone factory

© Cosentino

Cutting-edge technology - Cosentino hybrid materials

A milestone was the introduction of the pioneering HybriQ technology, using a new hybrid formula of a blend of mineral raw materials and recycled materials,during the production of large-format Silestone cladding.

What is HybriQ technology?

HybriQ technology is based on the reuse of process water and 100% renewable electricity. In addition, HybriQ, which was introduced in the Silestone Loft and Sunlit Days collections, among others, significantly reduces the use of crystalline silica in the conglomerate composition. In addition, Sunlit Days is the first among all surfaces in its category with a Carbon Neutrality Certificate.

Dekton's sintered collections, on the other hand, have held this certification for several years now.

Silestone, Cala
Blue © Cosentino

Cala Blue and Arcilla Red

© Cosentino

Cincel Grey, © Cosentino Silestone, Faro
White © Cosentino

Cincel Grey and Faro White

© Cosentino

Zero carbon or disaster! - The crushing IPCC report

The need for change, not only at the level of companies' operations, was reported by experts from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in a recently published report, indicating that the key issue for the next few years will be achieving zero-emissions (i.e., a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and absorption ofCO2 from the atmosphere). AtmosphericCO2 levels are now the highest they have been in at least two million years, and uninterrupted atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases are destabilizing the climate, destroying forests and biodiversity, conditions that once enabled human civilization to thrive.

As Ewa Trzcionka - an eco-ethicist and lecturer at SWPS and School Of Form- said,
during the Polish premiere of the Silestone Sunlit Days collection (Cosentino cladding for kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, fireplace portals and floors):

Ewa TrzcionkaThe idea of sustainability is for us to continue to develop. But in such a way that we leave this planet and its natural resources undiminished. It's action at the level of mission and values, a matter of responsible leadership. Interior finishing products that are well designed and responsibly manufactured are not only environmentally friendly, they also have a much longer lifespan. We are beginning to appreciate this more and more as a society."

Working together as a team - a responsible approach with hope for the future

The IPCC report and the activities of companies like Cosentino give us hope. This Spanish company, whose distribution centers in Poland are located in Parzniew and Myslowice, created 560 new jobs worldwide in 2020 and now has a total of 5,300 employees committed to sustainability. However, the company's dynamic growth does not come at the expense of the environment. The company is setting an example of what actions and investments give us a chance to stop adverse climate change at a level that allows us to live on this planet.

"Deadline 2030"

Some of the climate change that has taken place is, unfortunately, already irreversible, some of it we can slow down and maybe even stop. Our survival is at stake, so we must act decisively and immediately. To achieve this, as many companies as possible, following Cosentino's example, should start implementing changes on a massive scale to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The report shows that 2030 will be the key year, by which time we must reduceCO2 emissions by at least half.

Making conscious decisions every day and choosing products with not just a profit motive behind them, but a mission of responsibility, is a good start.

Silestone, Posidonia
Green © Cosentino

Posidonia Green

© Cosentino

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