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Hartika Parkan composite boards and fencing

05 of December '22

Hartika Terraces. Beauty for years to come

Hartika composite wood system is an innovative solution that provides aesthetic and durable coverings for terraces, balconies, platforms, relaxation areas in public facilities. It is used in all investments requiring a durable and pleasant to touch material. Its wide area of application makes it a versatile design material, which in the hands of the architect allows to achieve unparalleled aesthetic effects, ensuring high utility values of the designed objects.

Hartika Parkan fences. Enduring durability

Based on the reliable technology of decking production, we supplemented our offer with a versatile composite fencing system Parkan. Its versatility allows the realization of beautiful fences, terrace partitions, development of balconies and loggias. The advantage of the system is the natural look, simplicity and speed of installation, as well as the durability of composite wood. Using the Parkan system, you can create unique elements of garden architecture such as gazebos, pergolas or flower pots.

System ogrodzeniowy Hartika Parkan

Hartika Parkan fencing system


Simplicity and speed of installation

Hartika system consists of elements that allow complete installation of terraces, fences, balcony buildings or arrangement of recreational space. The entire system has been matched in terms of appearance and color compatibility. In addition to the standard tools (saw, drill, screwdriver), the installation of the system on a suitably stable substrate does not require additional tools.

System Hartika Tarase Home, kolor Świerk Dymny

Hartika Tarase Home system, color Smoky Spruce


In harmony with nature

Composite wood is a durable, reliable material and an interesting alternative to traditional building materials. It combines the beauty of natural wood, the durability of concrete panels and the resistance of plastic. The reliability of Hartika composite wood is ensured by combining an innovative PVC matrix with ecologically harvested wood fibers. Hartika boards have a 25-year warranty against rotting and decay and require no maintenance, impregnation or painting. Their use for many years will be free of replacement or renovation costs. The use of UV filters throughout the plank's structure avoids changes in coloration as exposure to sunlight over time.

Deska tarasowa Hartika Tarase Klass, kolor Orzech Szlachetny

Hartika Tarase Klass decking board, color Noble Walnut


Complete building certification

The Hartika system has a National Technical Assessment that allows it to be used in public developments and multi-family residential buildings, both as floor and roof coverings. Complementing the quality parameters is the highest possible for wood composites classification of reaction to fire BflS1 and BroofT1, as well as hygienic certificate of PZH.

System Hartika Parkan / Tarase, kolor Dąb Lindberg

Hartika Parkan / Tarase system, color Lindberg Oak


For more information, visit the company's HARTIKA Sp. z o.o. Zakład Biokompozytów page on the PdA portal.

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