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BELA doormats for ventilated terraces

29 of May '23

From the series "Terraces, doormats, floors – trends 2023".

Ventilated terraces are a fashionable and convenient solution, which provide certainty in the aspect of drainage of water and the impact of low temperatures on the structure, are attractive, comfortable to use. You can freely adjust the terrace plane to the upper plane of living or service rooms. This gives a lot of possibilities in shaping modern, barrier-free interiors. However, ventilated outdoor terraces, as well as all other superstructures, are exposed to external factors such as rain, dust fall, leaves and other volatile dirt, bringing various substances such as grass, soil, sand and others onto their surfaces.

BELA company with the progress of construction development has created a versatile product, which is installed in the space between the base and top surface of the terrace. It is a universal doormat that does not require additional drainage for use in ventilated terraces of different heights.

Water from the top surface of the trase flows freely onto the insulation layer of the membrane or other heavy insulation of the terrace. The openwork design of the mat's aluminum profiles on a Wema grating support substrate, gives any amount of water free flow. Only dirt remains on the mat or its base.

Podstawowe zasady montażu konstrukcji wycieraczki zewnętrznej w tarasie wentylowanym z płytki ceramicznej

The basic principles of installing the structure of an outdoor doormat in a ventilated terrace made of ceramic tile


Ustabilizowana wycieraczka BELA w tarasie wentylowanym na konstrukcji o wysokości 10 cm

Stabilized BELA doormat in a ventilated terrace on a structure with a height of 10 cm


The height of the mat is regulated by supports that stabilize its structure on the load-bearing bottom surface of the terrace. Available heights - the minimum is 5 cm (without leveling supports, i.e. the thickness of the supporting angle bracket structure is 50×50×3 mm). The maximum height of up to 20 cm, is possible with an increased number of adjustable supports of up to 15 cm in height. Such a structure with a larger area than 120×60 cm requires additional stability consultation.

Przekrój poprzeczny przez taras wentylowany z zastosowaniem maty czyszczącej BELA

Cross-section through a ventilated terrace using BELA cleaning mats


The load-bearing plane of the mat is a Wema grating with a mesh of 30×30×3 mm (load-bearing flats 30×3 mm) carrying pedestrian traffic and small loads that are, for example, necessary for carrying loads of up to 200 kg. For heavier loads, structural reinforcement of the supporting grating or replacement of the entire grating structure with a product with higher load-carrying capacity is required. The Wema grating is stabilized horizontally at a height of -2.5 cm so that a BELA cleaning mat with the necessary parameters for the location can be placed and flush on it.

Kompletna podkonstrukcja ze stali ocynkowanej wkomponowana w płytki ceramiczne montowane na regulowanych podporach

A complete galvanized steel substructure embedded with ceramic tiles mounted on adjustable supports


The arrangement of the mat is always perpendicular to the direction of pedestrian traffic, i.e. aluminum profiles of different shapes and with different inserts must be perpendicular to the direction of traffic. The arrangement and color of the profiles is arbitrary, their total assortment can be found in the catalogs of the manufacturer BELA.

Wielkości i sposób ułożenia wycieraczki BELA na tarasie wentylowanym z płytką ceramiczną

Size and arrangement of BELA doormat on ventilated terrace with ceramic tile


It is recommended to use brush mats for keeping the entrance clean. BELA in-line brushes are characterized by very active cleaning, because their height is above the plane of the mat. The brush has a design that causes it to flex and conform to the footwear. The length of the fibers, their elasticity protects it from rapid wear. BELA linear brush differs from brush strips used in mats of other manufacturers in durability of up to 20 years. Its surface is always clean and flexible, resistant to chemicals and UV radiation.

Całkowicie wykonana mata zewnętrzna firmy BELA z zastosowaniem szczotki liniowej i filcu, zlokalizowana na zadaszonym tarasie dachowym

BELA's completely made outdoor matting using line brush and felt, located on a covered roof terrace


BELA's range of linear brush colors offers the opportunity to adapt to the user's aesthetic needs. From the manufacturer's 30 years of experience, the optimal application is to combine linear brush with strips (grosgrain) of felt, i.e. polypropylene. In covered terraces this would be the best solution because a linear brush with a life span of 10 and 20 years, depending on traffic, combined with propylene felt, gives optimal cleaning results that cannot be replaced by any other solution.

Wycieraczka szczotkowa firmy BELA idealnie nadająca się dla tarasów znajdujących się w sąsiedztwie trawników i zielonych ogrodów.

BELA's brush wiper is ideally suited for terraces located adjacent to lawns and green gardens.


Installation of the mat into the structure of a ventilated terrace

  1. Order a kit consisting of a suitable support frame sized for the terrace slabs and with supports corresponding to the height of the top surface of the terrace to the supporting surface of the terrace base.
  2. Remove the appropriate number of terrace slabs, move the existing supports so that they do not interfere with the supports of the frame.
  3. Set the frame in the niche and level it with adjustable supports, check its stability.
  4. Lay the Wema grating on the stable frame, test-load it with a weight of up to 100 kg, again verify its secure foundation (the distance from the edge of the tile equal on each side, the horizontal alignment of each of its sides and the non-movement of the whole in the situation of loading its extreme edges).
  5. Unroll the adapted BELA aluminum mat and its long-term use.

Przygotowane zagłębienie na montaż wycieraczki z zdemontowanymi płytkami ceramicznymi tarasu

Prepared recess for installation of the doormat with removed ceramic tiles of the terrace


Położona krata nośna typu Wema z możliwością jej podniesienia i wyczyszczenia przestrzeni pod tarasem

Installed Wema-type support grating with the possibility to raise it and clear the space under the terrace


The external dimensions of the doormat can be arbitrary and adapted to the modules (the size of the ceramic tiles used on the terrace). The module produced as standard is 120×60 cm (120 cm length of the mat profiles, 60 cm width of the mat). It is recommended to use a minimum of one or two modules, so that the entire mat is 120×120 cm and gives a perfect cleaning of shoes before entering the living areas.

Gotowy produkt

Finished product


Cleaning method

The primary task of cleaning mats is to collect dirt from the shoes of mat users. In order for this task to be properly accomplished, it is necessary to periodically clean the mats from dirt accumulated in the gaps between the profiles, larger contaminating elements.

For trouble-free use of the mats, the following methods of cleaning the mats are recommended:

  • external cleaning with a vacuum cleaner recommended especially in summer periods, when the mat does not collect a lot of water;
  • external cleaning from larger dirt using hand tools (brush, broom);
  • internal cleaning of the mat opening recommended periodically, depending on the volume of traffic, but not less than twice a year.

When cleaning the niche under the mat, roll the mat, lift the Wema grid so that the niche is exposed and collect all the dirt.

Prosty sposób czyszczenia, mata jest zwijana o krata o ciężarze do 10 kg może być z powodzeniem wyjęta

A simple way of cleaning, the mat is rolled o the grating with a weight of up to 10 kg can be successfully removed


For more information, visit the company's Bela page on the PdA portal.

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