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Gravity smoke ventilation systems

01 of October '23

Smoke dampers are a key component of fire protection systems in industrial buildings. Their main role is to quickly and effectively remove smoke and hot air from a production hall, warehouse or other space in the event of a fire outbreak. This minimizes the risk of spreading fire and toxic gases, which affects the safety of workers and the security of property.

Świetliki łukowe z klapami ALUCO FIRE SL

Curved skylights with flaps ALUCO FIRE SL


Smoke dampers are placed in appropriate locations on the roof or walls of the building and operate automatically, so that in the event of a fire, they respond quickly to a sudden rise in temperature and open immediately, allowing smoke and hot air to escape.

Smoke and Aeration

At Aluco System, we offer a wide range of smoke extraction and aeration solutions to meet different needs depending on the type and size of the building. We offer:

  • Roof smoke dampers
  • Facade louvre dampers
  • Smoke Curtains
  • Control Systems

Centrala systemu oddymiania

Smoke ventilation system control unit


Available Solutions

  1. Aluco Fire SL - Smoke Dampers forLight Strips
    Smoke dampers dedicated to light strips are a combination of two benefits - fire safety with effective illumination of the facility with natural daylight.

  2. Aluco Fire SP - Spot Smoke Dampers
    Our point smoke dampers are installed on the most technologically advanced industrial facilities. Their trouble-free and automatic operation ensures the comfort and safety of users.

  3. Aluco Ventra - louvre dampers
    Aluco Ventra smoke and aeration dampers can be successfully used in all varieties of industrial and commercial buildings as facade dampers or in vertical skylights such as shed roofs.

  4. Aluco Smoke Blocker - Smoke Curtains
    Fixed fabric smoke curtains are used to separate smoke zones and limit the spread of smoke in large-scale buildings. They have an extremely lightweight construction, which makes their installation much easier. Fixed smoke curtains are distinguished primarily by non-flammable material. They can also be combined using modules, creating a product with unlimited dimensions. This makes these curtains perfect for larger spaces.





Aluco System has been in business since 1997. Our products and realizations can be seen throughout the country and abroad. Modern solutions and the best materials enable us to realize the most daring architectural concepts.

Our Mission

At Aluco System we help our customers make the most of the advantages of natural daylight. We achieve this goal by supplying the market with skylight systems, which are our specialty, as well as polycarbonate panel facades and aluminum joinery.

Klapy żaluzjowe napowietrzające ALUCO VENTRA

ALUCO VENTRA louvre aeration dampers


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