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With mmcité, everywhere is good, but... outside is best. Small architecture from an established manufacturer

08 of December '22

Unconventional urban furniture from mmcité

The mmcité pl Sp. z o.o. is an established brand with a unique design. mmcité is one of the leaders in its field. It is engaged in innovative design, development and bold realization of urban furniture all over the world. In its portfolio you will find park benches, trash garbage cans, bike racks, flower pots or shelters. The common theme of all projects is not only a unified visual and aesthetic style, but also the fulfillment of functional and utility requirements. Great emphasis is placed on the use of high-quality materials, which must find their way into any environment and withstand even the most demanding conditions.

mmcité products - valued around the world

Among the awards mmcité has won in its nearly 30 years of existence are Good Design, Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, EDIDA - Elle Decoration Awards and Czech Grand Design. mmcité products can be found in European metropolises such as Prague, London, Copenhagen, Budapest and Paris, but also in North and South America. Urban furniture has found its place on Europe's highest mountain Mont Blanc, an artificial canal in Dubai, Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport and the headquarters of American companies Google or Uber.

Zestaw piknikowy Conics

Conics picnic set

© mmcité

A sophisticated game of cones.
This is Conics!

We are constantly looking for new shapes to diversify public space, and are expanding the ways in which we use our urban furniture. A conical concrete body became the basis for our new Conics line. The conical castings in three sizes can serve different functions: table, seat, flowerpot or bench. Round shapes are increasingly popular among garden furniture, not only for their aesthetics, but also for their greater variability of use and capacity utilization.

Altana Cuby

Cuby gazebo

© mmcité

Work, study, eat or maybe just laze around?
365 days with Cuby

Cuby is more than just a gazebo. A cubic structure created for the most original use in any type of public space. Durable and strong frame is the basis for almost unlimited transformations. A semi-open cubby surrounded by wood insulates you from the outside world; a side wall with clearances provides a transparent hiding place.

Cuby Daybed

Cuby Daybed

© mmcité

Or perhaps you prefer plants that climb the walls? You can relax on lounge chairs, eat at a table with benches, daydream on a bed, or conversely, work in an outdoor office with LED lighting and USB charging. This is just a fraction of what can be found inside. The modules can stand on their own or be combined in multi-piece sets, anchored under or on the pavement. It's a strong response to the need for greater intimacy in public spaces - and beyond.

Ładowarka USB w Cuby

Cuby USB charger

© mmcité

Many reasons, one solution.
Polys outdoor pots

The desire for proximity to nature is increasingly important in our urban lives. Even the smallest area of greenery matters. With this in mind, the new Polys potting system was created. The individual components of the product line offer larger combinations that can function as a final product on their own, as well as smaller connecting or end pieces that can create a multitude of variations and shapes. The pots are made of aluminum, the platform and lower cylindrical bases are made of galvanized steel and powder-coated according to color specifications. The root system of plants is protected from freezing in winter and overheating in summer thanks to an ingenious insulation system. The pots are equipped with an irrigation system.

Donice zewnętrzne Polys

Polys outdoor pots

© mmcité

For more information, visit the mmcité pl Sp. z o.o. company page on PdA.

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