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Small "green" mmcité architecture. The marriage of nature and the city in public spaces

01 of December '20

Mission - a beautiful city!
Urban furniture in symbiosis with nature

The mmcité pl Sp. z o.o. is a very well-known and respected Czech design studio, which has been exploring the secrets of designing public spaces and small architecture for more than 20 years. The main focus and specialization of the company is urban furniture in all forms. The studio focuses on the symbiosis of nature and the city, the creation of a harmonious and balanced urban space. Very important in the company's realizations is the aesthetics of the products, as confirmed by the company's credo: "Beautiful cities are our mission."

Meble urban furniture in all forms from mmcitéMeble urban furniture in all forms from mmcitéMeble urban furniture in all forms from mmcité

Urban furniture mmcité

© mmcité

Studio mmcité - projects that conquer the world

The studio has a strong design team led by David Karásek. The studio also includes other professionals such as designers, project managers, budget specialists and, of course, marketing and graphic design specialists who are an integral part of the team. The goal is comprehensive development from the initial sketch to the real product for both mass production and custom projects. Continuous innovation, exploring new avenues and new product categories, but always respecting the end user and refined style. mmcité's work has won multiple Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, IF Design Awards, Czech Grand Design and other awards.

The mmcité studio plays a leading role in the design of public spaces around the world. mmcité products can be found in many countries, from Paris to Moscow, Dubai to New York and San Francisco. It has had a branch in Poland since 2008.

Meble miejskie we wszystkich formach od mmcité © mmcité

mmcité urban furniture

© mmcité

Green roofs in small architecture - symbiosis of city and nature

The need to provide cities with more greenery is more current than ever, and one solution is to plant rooftops with plants. We offer several options for the so-called green roof, namely:

  • Aureo and Geomere bus shelters
  • PIN round and square canopies
  • Edge and Aureo Velo bike shelters.

Our green roof, due to the fact that it uses only retained rainwater and drought-tolerant sedum-type plants, can be considered completely maintenance-free. It doesn't need to be watered regularly, and it doesn't even need to be maintained and mowed like a regular lawn. A layer of vegetation lies on a retention plate over a special tub, and drainage is routed through the legs of the structure. A small piece of nature with a large social outreach.

Zastosowanie zielonego dachu © mmcité

Application of the green roof

© mmcité

Advantages of mmcité green roofs

  • ecological, economical and aesthetically pleasing
  • reduces the risk of overloading the sewage system
  • cools the space under the roofing, the temperature of the roof sheathing does not exceed 25 ̊C
  • contributes to reducing dust in the environment
  • improves the quality of the environment by enriching the air with oxygen
  • contributes to improving the microclimate in heavily built-up areas with a lack of greenery.

For more information, visit the company's mmcité pl Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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