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21 of September '22

WALA modular door handles

Introducing a new series of handles, WALA Sp. z o.o. is betting on a NEW IDEA! To meet the sophisticated tastes of customers and innovative approach to the design of door panels, we officially introduce MODULAR HANDLES!


The name of the series "MODULAR" suggests that they consist of modules, and indeed they do. Separately the legs and separately the handle tube. Such an assumption allows separate finishing of each part. This gives a wide spectrum of combinations, in terms of finishing the handle. A much more flexible approach helps customize the overall front composition of the handle with the door. From now on, the handle can not only adapt to the door to create a cohesive design. It can also give a specific character to a minimalist door panel.


The new series of handles includes several models. As the first we proudly present a handle made of flat bar - MPS31.

Modułowy uchwyt do drzwi MPS31 w wariancie ze złotymi nóżkami i podświetleniem

Modular door handle MPS31 in a variant with gold legs and warm illumination by LED strips.


The example entablature shown has gold legs and a black tube, further enhanced with two LED tapes in a warm shade. In the middle leg is located a microswitch that controls the illumination of the handle and the electro hook in the door. The door with this handle is an expression of exclusive elegance in the visual perception of the building facade.

This simple and streamlined design of the MPS31 hilt captivates with its beauty. It evokes a pleasant memory of a gentle wave. A huge number of finishing combinations will undoubtedly refine visually the front of your door. Defining the final appearance of the handle, the following are available: varnishes from the full RAL palette, INOX coating, ANODA and sublimation imitating wood. The combinations of effects are totally arbitrary. Let your imagination run wild, feel free to invent, and WALA will try to make your dreams come true by making your new modular door handle.

Modułowy uchwyt do drzwi MPS31 w wariancie drewnianym

Modular door handle MPS31 - wood imitation sublimation



To the series of MODULAR HANDLES we have also included handles made of Ø45x25 "D" shaped tube. Antabs created on the basis of this profile are very graceful due to their rounded shape. This shape is friendly to the touch during use, as the hand naturally and comfortably lays on this ergonomic shape. An important role is also played by the visual aspect, where this rounding of the profile gives a kind of softness and delicacy. We propose two models of the modular series created on the basis of the "D" tube. One ended in sharp MD90, the other rounded MD90C.

Modułowe uchwyty do drzwi z serii D w dwóch wariantach – MD90 i MD90C

Modular door handles from the D series in two variants - MD90 and MD90C


If the building is subdued, with simple solids and colors, we want to maintain a clear design, we can use a handle in a uniform color matching the color of the door. Gently emphasize it only by illuminating it with LED points. There are some projects where the door panels are uniform, devoid of decoration. In such cases, it is sometimes better when certain parts blend together, do not impose too much. This complements the overall image of the building, without exuding exaggeration. It modestly and subtly shines, discreetly attracting the eye.

Modułowy uchwyt do drzwi MD90C w wariancie antracytowym z punktowym podświetleniem LED

Modular door handle MD90C in anthracite variant with LED spotlighting


non-unique handle - new series

Simple things are sometimes more eloquent and concrete than overly complicated ones. Everything is relative and dependent on various factors. In order to satisfy classical tastes as well, we have also added door handles, made of square and rectangular tube, to the new modular series. Standards have one huge plus in them. They are versatile and easy to fit into any style or design. This is how their extraordinariness works in the superficially perceived ordinariness.

Modułowe uchwyty do drzwi MQ90 w różnych wariantach

Modular door handle MQ90 in different variants


The new series - modular door handles is a phenomenal solution for demanding customers. The ability to aesthetically match the hilt to the door panel is very important for the final perception of the building facade. Such freedom in color configuration opens a wide range of options. Using the available coatings, we can design a beautiful and visually consistent front space. The visualization below shows such an ideal version of events. The handle tube, part of the surface of the door panel and the flower pot, are finished in RAL 1036 lacquer. A design that is elegant and timeless.

Modułowy uchwyt do drzwi MQA90 40x40 w wariancie złotym

Modular door handle MQA90 40x40 in gold variant



Modern architecture is sometimes surprising, incredible forms, interesting combinations of materials and colors. Architects and developers show a higher awareness of space, creating more and more thoughtful designs. Minimizing technological constraints, they are opening a wide view of construction. Modern buildings are highly inspiring and highly personalized. To meet the demands of architects, developers and end customers, WALA is betting on modular door handles. The new series also includes square and rectangular tube handles in a rounded version. The classic and simple shape has been visually softened with this rounding at the junction of the leg and the hilt tube.

Modułowe uchwyty do drzwi MQ90C w różnych wariantach

Modular door handles MQ90C in different variants


They will be perfect on the door to the house and on the door to the company, to the office, to the store. Buildings supplemented with doors with a modular handle, will definitely stand out from the standard, where the door is decorated with a classic handle. The color scheme of the handles is arbitrary. Modulardoor handles can be further enhanced by using access control systems and LED backlighting. Such extravagance is a good idea for anyone who likes unique, striking designs. The combination of gold and black looks amazing. Such door hardware adds class, while it must be used with taste. Not all interiors will accept such a combination, but in the office below it has been perfectly accepted.

Modułowe uchwyty do drzwi WALA na drzwiach szklanych

WALA modular door handles on glass doors


Among architects and designers, modular elements are highly valued, mainly because they can be more easily customized. Modularity is increasingly used, in products of various types. This feature makes it possible to personalize an item, to adapt it to your taste, so that the end result is unique and original. Paradoxically, simplified modular elements, are the perfect building blocks for complex and unique designs. In comparison, we can build incredible and monumental things from small LEGO bricks, which are modular elements. All you have to do is open your imagination and visualize your construction thought.

Modular door handles are a groundbreaking decorative and practical element at the same time. Such small details can do a lot for the positive visual perception of the building.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of modular handles (and more) presented by WALA - a manufacturer of door hardware.

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