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Allplan Architecture - expand your design horizons

14 of February '23

Allplan Architecture Software. From the series "Design, Modeling, Rendering Tools - 2023 Review."

Allplan is a multifunctional BIM software that enables designers and architects to efficiently design, plan and manage projects. It provides a range of features such as working with IFC files, BIMPLUS integration, 2D and 3D drawing tools, terrain modeling and a built-in rendering engine. With Allplan, architects can quickly create accurate plans that are easily understood by everyone involved in the project. It also allows them to collaborate with other professionals to ensure the best results. In this article, we will discuss the features of Allplan Architecture and how it can help architects get better results in less time.

Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is one of several major software modules. It is a versatile BIM design tool for the architect with extensive CAD functionality. It provides a comprehensive set of features that help design and document projects with accuracy and precision. Any errors or inaccuracies are detected early in the design process, significantly speeding up construction and minimizing costs.

BIM and IFC files

The software uses BIM technology. What does this mean in practice? The Building Information Modeling concept is a digital representation of the construction process, facilitating information exchange and interaction using the IFC digital format. The user has continuous and immediate access to project information, costs and schedules. Digital project data combined with innovative parametric information modeling technology provides significant advantages over traditional design and construction methods. Besides, in the program you can save and export your designs in, among others: DWG, DXF, IFC 2×3, IFC 4, SKP, 3DS, DGN, STL, PDF 3D. Plus point cloud import.

Data exchange with BIMPLUS

BIMPLUS is a state-of-the-art platform designed for collaboration and project management for multiple users simultaneously. Allplan solutions provide simple data exchange with other formats available on the market, so it is also possible to collaborate with project participants who do not have access to Allplan software.

2D and 3D tools

Allplan Architecture includes a number of helpful design tools, such as:

  • Complete 2D Documentation - includes basic tools to complete a full project from defining the structure of the structure of the building and the structure of the project, to drawing or modeling all elements including descriptions, to creating full project documentation
  • Library - in it you will find many 2D symbols and 3D objects, you can also store the objects and templates you have created
  • Parameterization - consists of automatic change of parameters in all elements of the project, documentation, sections, projections. Direct and automated modification of objects facilitates daily work in 2D and 3D
  • Object labeling: intelligent and associative - describing any 3D BIM objects and 2D elements and assigning attributes for more precise description or for BIM requirements and evaluation. It is possible to draw and edit any shape thanks to powerful tools for modification and management of 2D elements; besides, automatic creation of axis grids, dimension lines or labels enable significant reduction of working time
  • Reports - this function is used for processing all types of objects in 2D and 3D, as well as for architectural elements. It includes practical selection aids (filter and object palette) and many tools to automate work
  • Projections, cross-sections, 3D representation – cross-sections and views can be created quickly and intuitively, and with the "Associated" option it is possible to set automatic updates. The resulting projections and sections are ready for printing

We encourage you to visit our YT channel, where we talk more about creating 2D and 3D cross sections! CTA: Check it out!

Terrain modeling

In Allplan, in addition to full 2D CAD functionality, we also have advanced conceptual modeling tools. You can create arbitrary solids by drawing any 2D profiles/rotating them or drawing them along any designated path. Solids relative to each other can be combined, subtracted, divided and given attributes such as hatching, material, textures, then they can be counted in combinations and used to create formwork. These tools allow modeling familiar from programs such as Sketchup. Combining this functionality with parametric objects such as walls and windows allows you to create any form and shape you want.

Photorealistic visualizations

With Allplan, we have a wide range of possibilities for project presentation. Standard methods such as visualization or video can be prepared in just a few minutes. In the Allplan 2023 version, the project can be presented in the form of a 360 panorama. The presentation can also be made in Google VR, in which the investor is able to move into the virtual interior of the created project. The rendering engine built into Allplan is the well-known engine from Maxon's Cinema 4D, functionally optimized for the presentation of architectural projects. Thanks to the environment settings, it is possible to set the position of the sun and other light sources for maximum realistic effect.

Allplan Architecture is an indispensable tool for any architect who wants to make the most efficient use of the design process.

For more information, visit the company's TMSYS Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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