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New version of Allplan 2021 - optimized software, fast as never before!

19 of January '21

A new version of Allplan has been released on the market. What makes Allplan 2021 different? First of all, the latest software is faster than ever before. Efficiency improvements have been made, making working with the program even more efficient. Many standard functions have been optimized in terms of the number of movements and intuitiveness of use. Suggestions from program users were also taken into account when making changes, which undoubtedly confirms the validity of the innovations made.

Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!

The most important benefit of using the latest version of Allplan is saving time, which is an extremely important aspect of work in the architecture and construction industry. Significant improvements have been made in Allplan 2021, making it possible to efficiently handle even larger and more detailed projects.
Working with a program that is fast and reliable provides much better results and a better user experience itself. Thanks to the improvements, Allplan 2021 users will virtually not experience interruptions related to waiting for the program to respond.

According to research, currently in the construction industry, about 40% of work time is unproductive and as much as 30% of projects need corrections (and even corrections of corrections of corrections). In order to improve this not-so-optimistic result, it is necessary to introduce a tool that will support not only work in the construction or architectural area, but also in interdiscipline coordination. Allplan 2021 software is a tool that effectively uses the limited computing power of the hardware, provides a smooth flow of data and updates even a very complex model.

The Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!

Another important aspect in the work of engineers and architects is the generation of statements and legends containing information about the model. In the latest version of Allplan, it is possible not only to create lists from the entire model, but also from selected, user-specified drawing files, thus avoiding excess information (not useful at a given moment). In addition, thanks to the improvements introduced, switching between different parts of the model or repeatedly creating and updating lists is noticeably more efficient. An important aspect of working in BIM is the information we can obtain quickly, error-free and automatically from the model. Improvements have been made here as well in Allpan 2021. For comparison, gathering information from a large project (1.95 GB) used to take about 2 minutes, while after the changes it took 14 seconds.

Despite working on a 3D model with all the necessary information, 2D drawings are still needed. In Allplan, floor plans and sections are associated with the model, so they are always up-to-date, and thus the possibility of error associated with differences in drawings is eliminated. In Allplan 2021, the generation of such drawings has been streamlined and now takes twice as long.

Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!

In the latest version of Allplan, changes have also been made to the function probably used most often, namely the wall creation function. Now making changes and managing already existing walls is more flexible. Changes can also be seen in the Properties palette for a wall and in the 2D wall representation.

Allplan 2021 users can identify walls according to their style, as well as create reports and recognize walls that initially had a certain style but now have changed parameters. This increases the flexibility of the new version of the program, because even though parameters such as thickness and material may change, layer height assignments will remain intact. In Allplan 2021, the wall style has been integrated into the property palette along with the 2D representation of the wall.

An important aspect in design is the ability to make changes seamlessly. Among other things, this is important when introducing reinforcement. Dividing or joining bars without removing them greatly simplifies and speeds up the work. Introducing or removing a puncture in the ceiling should go smoothly and not cause delays in the project.

Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!Nowa version of Allplan 2021 now available!

Creation of repetitive elements has also been optimized in the latest version of the program. Thanks to PythonParts and Visual Scripting - tools for parametric design - working on the model is less tiring and the possibility of mistakes is reduced. A rich library of parametric reinforcement elements allows for instant reinforcement input and editing. An enhancement of the Visual Scripting tool now allows parametric creation of columns and beams. In addition, structural steel frame elements have been introduced, which is a nod to Allplan users who are more interested in steel structures.

In response to requests and comments, another feature has been added in Allplan 2021 - Attract to Finish, which will be used, among other things, when dimensioning more detailed sections.

The last more significant change in the latest version of the program is the improvement of attributes. Two new options have been added that will make information management much easier: the ability to set an attribute as "Undefined" and to use formulas to calculate values based on other attributes.

All of the improvements in Allplan 2021 have been made with the needs of today's designers in mind, so that the process of designing building structures and architectural objects is even faster and more efficient.

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