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ARCHICAD 27 in a nutshell. What's worth knowing before upgrading? - Multibim Open Webinar

09 of September '23

Join us for an open Multibim webinar: ARCHICAD 27 - what's new?

The release of the latest version of Archicad is fast approaching. Already on September 27 we will be able to switch to the next edition of the program, and with it we will be able to take advantage of refreshed functionalities and a number of improvements. The availability of new versions of the program regularly raises the question for users - is investing in an upgrade a good idea? Before deciding on it, it's worth knowing - what will it bring and what decisions should be made before switching to Archicad 27?

Archicad 27 introduces new features that further simplify work on architectural projects and improve the productivity of teams. Examples include new tools for design, interprofessional collaboration and productivity support. Together, we'll take a look at each of these areas and the new features they bring, and tell you why the new version of the program is worth your attention and how to get 100% of the benefits from it.


How many concepts do you need to present to agree on a final version with the developer? You will probably answer that more than one. Each new one means a new Archicad file. The more of them you create, the harder it is to freely maneuver solutions and keep a fresh perspective. More files means piling up problems. Archicad 27 brings order to this with a new feature - Project Versions.

Absorption analysis

The road from absorption analysis to an earned project order is a long one and requires considering many options. Is it better to put up two buildings or one big one? How much space does each option provide? Design variants will allow you to create multiple options for the development of the plot in one file, and then calculate the balance of each to choose the most favorable one.

Concept variants

Finding the best design answer in a given context is quite a challenge. Would a building with a homogeneous form or a fragmented one be better? The investor may like glass balustrades, but the analysis of the environment suggests the use of balusters made of steel rods. How to convince him? Every design problem has many solutions. It is good to be able to present each of them. Versions of the design will help you do just that.

Create repetitive elements

If the building contains repetitive elements, life will be made easier by Hotlink Modules. However, over time, their structure starts to get complicated. For example, an additional riser suddenly needs to be run through one of the typical apartments, and another apartment needs to have a narrower kitchen. How much simpler would it be if, instead of creating more modules, each of them could appear in different Versions? In Archicad 27 this is possible.


What software does your project team work in? Regardless of the answer to this question, the software should not limit your choice of collaborators. Archicad 27 expands the possibilities for multi-discipline collaboration by developing tools for architects, structural and installation designers.

Freedom of choice

Imagine you're applying for a major new contract. The description of the subject of the order includes the obligation to work in a program you are not familiar with, and so the investor chooses another studio. The order is determined by the software you have, not by your competence. OpenBIM is designed to prevent such situations. Archicad 27 has buildingSMART certification for IFC4 import and export, allowing free collaboration in open standards and formats.

Modeling the installation

What will a ventilation duct that runs through a room or a gas pipe on a facade look like? Installations in a building can be a headache, and in addition, the installation designer is not always able to provide a model of them. At such moments, it is good to be able to model them and see the final result. The new, simplified MEP Modeler of the new version of Archicad will help with this.

Replacement with Revit

When specifying a door for a building, you need to think about many of its parameters. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are providing library objects containing full product information. You simply search for BIM libraries on their site and then select the model you are interested in. What if you are in for an unpleasant surprise and the manufacturer only provides Revit objects? No problem - in Archicad 27 you can freely use the import of Revit 2024 families.


You'll see the biggest gains from automation in small but often repeated tasks. As every year, the new Archicad also includes a large number of small changes that make a significant difference to productivity during your daily work. Streamlined entry of elements into the model, expanded search and folder structure are just some of them.

Simpler design

Planning a building is akin to a tug-of-war. A change in one place, has consequences in another. When you move a wall between rooms, are you sure that both maintain the correct dimensions? And how much time does it take you to determine equal distances between windows when designing an elevation? With Archicad 27 you will be in control of function and form, thanks to the display of distance indicators for created or marked elements.

Everything in its place

A phone call from a construction site at dawn doesn't bode well. Order becomes crucial when you need to issue a new detail quickly, as fresh concrete is about to be delivered. At such a moment, searching for the right drawing can bring out the biggest stoic. Especially if the co-workers in charge of the project are currently on vacation. The new, powerful options for searching and organizing attributes into folders may not figure out the technical detail for you, but they will help you react quickly in crisis moments.

Data presentation

Does the summary of areas in your project make your eyes sparkle? Scrolling through endless, monotonous tables often makes searching difficult and forces you to export to Excel on a regular basis. From now on, you can color distinguish the relevant rows of statements to make the presentation of your project's data clearer, and you can better control how titles are displayed.


The listed functionalities are only a part of what Archicad 27 will bring us. The new version of the program is undoubtedly a whole range of improvements over the previous edition, which can directly affect the speed and quality of your and your team's work. However, it is worth remembering that this is only one side of the coin. So what can you do to make sure that the money spent on the upgrade gives you a sense of purpose? First of all, take care of a good level of implementation of the new version in your team.

Often, an excess of responsibilities and a perpetual shortage of time discourage us from devoting it to learning and improving our skills. If we don't familiarize ourselves with the new features, we won't use them and, consequently, they won't translate into the quality of our daily work and the projects we carry out. When investing money in a new version of the program, we can expect a return only in tandem with the investment of time to learn it. So how do we take the first step?


Join an open webinar by Multibim - the official distributor of Archicad in Poland - presenting the capabilities of the latest edition of the program. Over the course of about 120 minutes with BIM managers, practitioners and Archicad enthusiasts, we will go step-by-step through what's new with the latest edition of the program, and then dispel all your doubts during a Q&A session scheduled at the end of the event. The Multibim team is responsible for localizing the Polish version of Archicad 27, hence you can be sure that no one knows it better.

Webinar:ARCHICAD 27– co nowego? 27 września 2023 roku o godz. 10.00

The webinar is completely free of charge and both experienced Archicad users and newcomers to the program will find something to enjoy.

Go to the event page - register and join us on September 27, at 10 a.m. sharp. 2 hours of specifics and pure practice await you, ensuring an easy entry into the world of Archicad 27 on its launch day.

For more information, visit the company's Multibim page on the PdA portal
and on the dedicated page - Webinar: ARCHICAD 27 - what's new?

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