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Quiet kitchen ventilation - motorless hood combined with roof turbine - Vilpe® Quiet Kitchen.

24 of November '22

In very many homes today, the kitchen is the place where we spend the most time. Open floor plans of apartments have made the kitchen a natural meeting place for household members, where we not only cook, but simply hang out, we work, the kids do their homework. This is also often where we drink coffee with friends. All this makes the requirements for proper ventilation even more important. Ventilation must do its job efficiently, but it must also work quietly.

There is probably no person who likes to cook who would not know the feeling of annoyance caused by a kitchen hood working too loudly. It is also not uncommon for it to be not very effective. Meanwhile, there is a rather simple and extremely effective solution to this, which can be applied not only during construction, but also later. It is a solution that at the same time leaves design freedom for architects.

Why so quiet

In this proprietary solution, the function of the fan, working in the eaves just above our head, is taken over by a powerful roof fan motor. This system makes it possible to completely minimize the noise level usually generated by traditional hoods. That's why it fully deserves its name - Vilpe® Quiet Kitchen.

Cicha Kuchnia Vilpe

Vilpe Quiet Kitchen - In this proprietary solution, the function of the traditional motor, operating in the hood just above our head, is taken over by a motor mounted in the roof fan.

© Vilpe

Why so effective

Even the quietest and most modern kitchen hoods are not able to provide us with such comfort as the combination of a motorless hood with the VILPE roof fan. However, quiet operation is not the only advantage of this solution. Another and very important one is its extraordinary efficiency. Thanks to the negative pressure created along the entire path of the ventilation duct, the draught force here is much greater than in traditional hoods.

Turbina dachowa w systemie Cicha Kuchnia Vilpe

Roof turbine in the Vilpe Quiet Kitchen system

© Vilpe

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home

You don't have to choose whether to turn on a loud hood or let intense smells dominate the atmosphere of your home. Unwanted smells and hood noise while cooking are a thing of the past. Turn on the hood and freely talk, listen to music, spend your time the way you want, just feel comfortable.

This is the scheme of operation and the set of products needed:

- Even the quietest and most modern kitchen hoods can't give us the same comfort as the combination of a motorless hood and a VILPE roof fan.

© Vilpe

The power of the fan is selected depending on the type of hood and the length of the ventilation duct. The recommended level of performance of such a fan, is slightly higher than the recommended minimum power and ideally if it is approx. 600-800 m³/h (the accepted minimum is about 400-450 m³/h).

Advantages of the Vilpe® Silent Kitchen

  • A unique solution that guarantees noiseless operation of the hood.
  • Extractor with exceptional efficiency thanks to the high performance of the roof fan.
  • System easy and simple to install, also to be used when upgrading a traditional ventilation solution.
  • Convenient control of fan operation (compatible connection between roof fan and motorless eaves).
  • Solution available for any type of roofing and diameter of ventilation duct, including on a masonry duct.
  • Guarantee of 100% watertightness and durability of the system thanks to the highest quality ventilation products installed on the roof

Cicha Kuchnia Vilpe

Vilpe Quiet Kitchen

© Vilpe

Did you know:

Modern roof fans are multifunctional devices. They are used for ventilation of almost any building space. They effectively improve ventilation based on the work of air quality sensors. They can be used in both new and retrofitted buildings. They are suitable for installation on any type of roof, from flat to sloping, regardless of the type of sheathing. Devices from proven manufacturers guarantee reliable operation, longevity and a wide range of diameters, powers and colors, while ensuring quiet operation of the device. Their installation is simple, and can be carried out regardless of the location of the ventilation riser. This leaves a lot of design freedom for architects.

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