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Clean air supply - quiet circulation under control

01 of September '20

VILPE Wive wall diffuser
From the series "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning - inspiration and solutions 2020".

Ventilators - these are usually small, inconspicuous devices, the importance of which is sometimes marginalized. Is it rightly so? Without a constant supply of air from outside, no ventilation will work properly. Constant exchange of air at home or at work is simply necessary both for our health, well-being and for the condition of the building. Traditional supply grilles are now a thing of the past. For the market offers much more advanced and noteworthy solutions. One of the most interesting is precisely VILPE WIVE.

The VILPE Wive wall diffuser is a new generation device designed and manufactured in Finland. It has been tested in harsh and changing weather conditions. Its unique design combines several functions: reliable efficiency, supply air filtration, external noise suppression and automatic thermostat. An additional advantage of the unit is that the inner panel can be customized to match the aesthetics of the interior - it can be painted or wallpapered as desired.


Installation of the Wive diffuser is simple, and its inner panel can be painted or wallpapered

Photo: © Vilpe

Wive provides a continuous but controlled supply of fresh air into the building from the outside. Specially oriented supply nozzle, prevents drafts, or excessive influx of cool air. The ventilator opens completely when the outside temperature exceeds 20°C, and closes maximally at -5°C., yet the distribution of fresh air, regardless of the outside temperature, is always assured. The inner surface of the grille is covered with thermal insulation material, which prevents condensation. (Thermo-insulation of the diffuser guarantees safety in use, eliminates the risk of damp walls due to dripping condensed steam).

Fig: flow capacity table

© Vilpe

The ventilator can be easily installed both at the stage of construction and afterwards, at any time we can supplement our ventilation system with an additional ventilator as needed. Especially when we make a thermo-modernization of the building.

Wive is used in various types of buildings from single-family, to multi-family and row houses. It is recommended for apartments with gravity, hybrid and mechanical exhaust ventilation (such as VILPE Eco Ideal Wireless). Its installation does not require any wiring, making installation quick and extremely easy.

It is worth knowing that the diffuser equipment can be freely modified, a version with or without a thermostat is available. Version without thermostat recommended for a building with mechanical ventilation.

izolacja akustyczna

© Vilpe

Flexible adaptation of the visible part of the diffuser to the arrangement of the room is undoubtedly its great advantage. The inner panel can be freely painted or wallpapered.

High-quality Wive filter effectively prevents contamination, i.e. dust and pollen. It is specially recommended for buildings located in smog-polluted urban areas. Thanks to the cilk-clik system, the replacement of the filter in the diffuser is easy and fast, and does not require any tools.

Fig. design of the VILPE WIVE diffuser allows easy and fast installation and replacement of the filter

© Vilpe

See a video on how to install the diffuser, customize its design to your interior and replace the filter if necessary. here.

Do you live in a polluted area? Do you suffer from allergies to pollen? Are you tired of excessive moisture in the apartment? Do you feel a lack of healthy circulation? The WIVE ventilator is for you.

Why is the WIVE diffuser extremely FUNCTIONAL?

Here are its main advantages:

  • The open design of the WIVE diffuser guarantees free air flow.
  • Perfectly filters the supply air (filter class M5) - each filter fiber contains a constant electrostatic charge, which increases the efficiency of particle capture effectively stops dust and pollen particles (causing shortness of breath and coughing) and also, the most dangerous for health, mineral microparticles (entering the bloodstream).
  • It suppresses noises from outside.
  • It works reliably and independently of weather conditions.
  • Has an automatic thermostat prevents unnecessary heat loss. Controls airflow depending on the outside temperature. Opens the valve to the maximum at +20°C and closes it, leaving a minimum flow gap at -5°C.
  • Simple design allows quick replacement of the filter (if necessary).
  • Easy to install regardless of the type of building
  • Does not require any electrical installations.

IN WHICH rooms in the house should ventilators be installed?

  • rooms
  • bedrooms

WHERE do we install them?

  • above the window vis-à-vis the entrance
  • At a height of min. 2 m or higher, if the interior allows it


One Ø 100 diffuser effectively filters the air in a room with an area of about 30 m².

Remember: To maintain full effectiveness, CHANGE THE FILTER AT LEAST EVERY YEAR.
Changing the filter is quick and easy, no additional tools required.

More information on Vilpe Poland in the portal A&B

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