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News of SWISS KRONO 2024 floor panels

05 of July '24

We are excited to introduce our latest waterproof flooring collections, which are the result of our ongoing passion for creating beautiful and inspiring spaces. After two years of intensive work, we are back with exceptional new products that are sure to delight even the most demanding design enthusiasts.

sefora aqua zero 72h

Among our new offerings from the AURUM brand is the SEFORA AQUA ZERO 72h collection, which takes us into the world of sensual fragrances. In this unique line you will find eight oak patterns, inspired by different types of coffee, which have given new and unique colors to our panels. Thanks to the SEFORA AQUA ZERO 72h collection, each room acquires a unique character and elegance, evoking the aromatic atmosphere of a coffee shop.

The synchronous structure of the panels used perfectly reflects the natural beauty of wood, creating a realistic impression of texture and depth. Thanks to the high abrasion class, SWISS KRONO floors retain their excellent appearance for years, regardless of the intensity of use.

Nowości paneli podłogowych SWISS KRONO 2024

News of SWISS KRONO floor panels 2024 - Sefora Aqua Zero 72h panels

© Swiss Krono

SEFORA AQUA ZERO 72h waterproof panels create spaces that exude peace and harmony, allowing you to relax and savor every moment of life. The ten-millimeter thickness of the panels makes them ideal for large, open spaces, giving them a unique character.

platinium bella aqua block 24h

Another new offering, the PLATINIUM BELLA AQUA BLOCK 24h collection is a unique line of floor panels that brings elegance and durability to any interior. The collection includes six unique decors, inspired by the beauty and diversity of women's names. Each décor is named after one of these names, symbolizing unique character and charm.

BELLA AQUA BLOCK 24h panels are characterized by increased resistance to contact with water, making them an ideal choice for kitchens, vestibules and also other rooms exposed to water. Thanks to Aqua Block technology, these panels offer protection against moisture, providing peace of mind and safety for the user.

Nowości paneli podłogowych SWISS KRONO 2024

News of SWISS KRONO 2024 floor panels - Bella Aqua Block 24-hour panels

© Swiss Krono

Their high abrasion class guarantees that the floor will maintain its beautiful appearance for many years. In addition, the panels work with underfloor heating, which further increases the comfort of use.

The Platinium flo oring brand has been enriched with a new matte OV - One Vision structure, which opens up possibilities for creating harmonious compositions with fashionable and noble SWISS KRONO laminate panels. A brand new collection is BELLA AQUA BLOCK, which consists of 6 patterns prepared in three-dimensional synchronous structures. Color-wise, we focus on natural oak coloration, but lovers of minimalist design will also find proposals for bright panels.

We invite you to discover our new design. All new decors can be viewed at

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