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SWISS KRONO waterproof panels from the AQUA ZERO line

01 of December '21

Waterproof panels - a guarantee of peace of mind

One of the most important usability issues for a floor is its resistance to external factors - such as water. As SWISS KRONO, we are constantly looking for solutions that meet the needs of floor users. Safety and convenience of use of floors is a priority for us - that's why our offer could not lack water-resistant panels. About what is de facto waterproof flooring and for which rooms such solutions can be used, you will learn from this material.

A few words about how a laminate panel is constructed

While the construction of wood or ceramic tile floors is quite easy to imagine, a laminate panel is a type of flooring that is a bit more advanced when it comes to construction. Laminate flooring consists of several layers. The top layer, known as the overlay, is the one you see and walk on, and insulates the floor from external factors. It is made of impregnated resin with alumina, which shows high resistance to wear. Alumina is an extremely resistant material and gives the surface of the floor very high strength - on the Mosh hardness scale it is second only to diamond.

SWISS KRONO, AURUM Collection (VOLO AQUA ZERO), Oak Stork D4573

© Swiss Krono

Another layer is a paper with a printed wood pattern, impregnated with melamine. Directly below the decor you will find the backing board, which is the base of the laminate floor. It is made of HDF board, which, because of its density, takes even very heavy loads. It is this invisible factor, which is the HDF formulation, that largely determines the floor's resistance to moisture, swelling, low water absorption.

Protection of the floor from moisture is also influenced by properly constructed joints (so-called locks).

The last layer of laminate flooring is a counter-pressure layer, which gives the floor its ultimate stability.

In the production process, the individual layers of laminate flooring are pressed together under high pressure and at high temperature.

Water resistance of laminate flooring for 24 hours - is it really possible?

Children's experiments with water, mud brought on shoes, crazy games of pets - all this makes us see the deteriorating laminate floor with our eyes, and the vision of renovation gives us a headache. Many people for this reason opt for ceramic tiles, which yes - are insensitive to water - but at the same time are also cool and not very pleasant to the touch. For this reason, we have created a collection of laminate floors with test-confirmed water resistance. Tests conducted by the independent organization NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association) confirmed the maintenance of all functional and aesthetic characteristics for 24 hours after flooding.

KRONO, Kolekcja PLATINIUM (PALOMA), Dąb Kiko D4560

SWISS KRONO, PLATINIUM Collection (PALOMA), Kiko Oak D4560

© Swiss Krono

In other words - by installing SWISS KRONO waterproof panels from the AQUA ZERO line , your floor will remain beautiful and aesthetically pleasing for years, even if it happens to flood or if you frequently wash the floor.

The best floors for the kitchen - how to choose them?

The kitchen is one of the most intensively used rooms in any home. Every day we spend a lot of time in it - whether cooking or often eating meals. What's more, it is in the kitchen that we most often sit during social gatherings with family and friends. What kind of flooring will work best here? It is worth betting on modern floor panels, which not only please the eye, but are also functional and resistant to damage. What to follow when choosing them? We suggest!



© Swiss Krono

We choose floor panels for the kitchen

Located in the kitchen, the floor is exposed every day to a number of unfavorable factors and unpredictable situations, such as being flooded with water, splashed with grease, or scratched or hit by various objects falling on it. Consequently, it must, above all, be durable. A good alternative to the classic wooden floor or ceramic tiles can be laminate floors. Why should you decide to buy them? They look elegant and have a very good performance.

Ideal kitchen panels - so what kind?

- Utility class - the higher it is, the better. Floor panels can be divided into those for domestic and public use. In the case of the former, we can deal with the utility class in the range from 21 to 23. In kitchens, the best are the panels marked with the number 23. Deciding to buy them, you can be sure that they will serve for a long time, maintaining their aesthetic appearance and properties.
- Abrasion class - it is given on the basis of the Taber test, to which the panels are subjected. It involves rubbing their top layer with sandpaper until the pattern there is completely removed. The more turns are made, the higher the abrasion class the product has. Panels used in houses and apartments are marked with symbols from AC3 to AC6. The best investment will be those of AC4 and AC5 grades.

Przekrój podłogi Aqua Zero

cross-section of Aqua Zero floor

© Swiss Krono

- Moisture resistance - it plays a particularly important role in the case of floors for kitchens. After all, they come into contact with water almost every day - whether while cooking, cleaning or preparing food and drinks. Therefore, before buying a floor of this type, special attention should be paid to the parameter of water resistance. It refers to the extent to which the panels will swell when flooded with water. Thanks to the use of moisture-resistant HDF board (the base part of the panel), appropriate surface protection and locks (joints) - laminate panels can guarantee water resistance for up to 24 hours. The best in this case will be floors from the AQUA ZERO line by SWISS KRONO.

When choosing panels for the kitchen, one should take into account not only personal preferences or current trends in interior design, but also resistance to various types of damage to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

(FIORI AQUA ZERO), Dąb Dalia D4589

SWISS KRONO, AURUM Collection (FIORI AQUA ZERO), Dahlia Oak D4589

© Swiss Krono

For more information, visit the company's SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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