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Stylish interiors, or the latest trends in the kitchen according to Halupczok

03 of October '22

Minimalist, functional and designer kitchen furniture to measure Halupczok. From the series "Kitchen and furnishings - trends 2022".

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A place for preparing and eating meals and meetings. It should be decorated functionally, have innovative solutions, but also be beautiful and designer. So what are the latest trends in the kitchen? How do Halupczok kitchen designs respond to current trends in interior fashion?

Valentia kitchen

© Halupczok

Minimalist kitchens - harmony and order

Scandinavian style is characterized by minimalism, functionality and elegant simplicity, which is why it is still one of the most popular choices among designers and investors. Based on the principle of "less is more" ("less is more"), it pays tribute to harmony and order. It emphasizes designs that can be transformed at will through modularity and the use of high-quality luxury materials.

Minimalist kitchens from Halupczok designers

Referring to this trend, Halupczok designers created a modern Rivoli custom kitchen - for connoisseurs of natural wood and simple forms. The intended effect was achieved by combining the warmth of natural wood and the coolness of glossy white. The extremely practical and functional face of the project is presented by the space-organizing wooden compartments for cutlery and spices, as well as a pull-out dining table top with a brushed oak texture. The whole is complemented by juicy green herbs growing straight from the mini-garden integrated into the kitchen island's countertop. The warmth of natural wood against the backdrop of cool white undeniably electrifies the senses and perfectly fits in with the latest kitchen trends.

kuchnia Rivoli

Rivoli kitchen

© Halupczok

Another example reflecting Scandinavian minimalism will be the Grazia custom kitchen. It is ideal for kitchens connected to the living room. It charms with its simplicity, hiding in its interior a multitude of functional solutions, tailored to the individual needs of the household members. A wooden shelf emerging from under the countertop allows you to control the culinary clutter. Meanwhile, a mobile bar hidden in the countertop of the kitchen island is an example of combining an unconventional solution with practical application and another answer to the latest trends in the kitchen. The mobile top of the kitchen island can also serve as a convenient coffee table.

kuchnia Grazia

Grazia kitchen

© Halupczok

Glamour kitchen - for lovers of the "wow" effect

The answer to the trend referring to the glamour aesthetics is the Ariana custom kitchen. It is distinguished by a striking wavy front, a combination of matte and gloss, glass and gold. Glazed drawers with the possibility of personalizing an engraving on the glass, as well as capacious and illuminated cabinets reflect the functional side of the collection. Such a kitchen is an extension of an elegant living room and a perfect solution for those with large space to spare. For lovers of technical innovations - the top of the Ariana kitchen island has been enriched with an induction phone charging system.

kuchnia Ariana

Ariana kitchen

© Halupczok

Loft and industrial style kitchen from Halupczok

Valentia collection is in line with the latest trends in the kitchen referring to the style in the industrial climate. It exudes a subtle form and attracts with a magnetic face. The rawness of the materials, the fine play of textures and the color scheme in tones of rock gray, emphasize its loft character. The geometry of the leitmotifs definitely strengthens the power of the arrangement. The austerity of the design was warmed up with wooden accents, making the kitchen cozy and a pleasure to spend time in. Meanwhile, its individuality and functionality are emphasized by a recess blended into the countertop with sliding organizers for aromatic herbs and kitchen accessories.

Hygge kitchen - a trend straight from Denmark

It is a mix of classic elegance and minimalism. It strongly refers to the Scandinavian style, so the hygge kitchen uses natural raw materials in light applied colors, simple forms, functional solutions and materials of very good quality. All this to create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and happiness. Thus, the style is ideally suited to: modern kitchens, kitchens with a peninsula, or kitchens with an island open to the living space, as well as: simple wooden furniture fronts, or with vertical slats, comfortable spacious worktops, tables made of natural wood in light tones, or two-level kitchen worktops with a part acting as a bar, as well as illuminated and glazed display cases that reflect sunlight.

© Halupczok

Kitchen in the back of eco, or upcycling

Furniture fronts created entirely from recycled wood is a trend that pays tribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The production of such boards is an integrated and repetitive cycle. Starting from collecting waste wood to recycling it and transforming it into a new, functional product. This type of front, in four color shades, can be found in the product range of the Halupczok brand. A unique product is created, which is distinguished by: decorative grain drawing and deep wood structure, their texture resembles solid wood, they have a synchronous decor and a planking effect.

Kitchen inspired by nature

An eco-style kitchen arrangement - full of warmth and referring to the colors of the earth - is undoubtedly the Madera kitchen. Its composition is based on oak, irregularly wavy furniture front and charming quartz sintering, brightly colored with copper streaks. The backlit oak table top, fancifully integrated into the kitchen island, combines practicality with aesthetics. The style of the eco interior is emphasized by the table's custom-turned legs, glass display case and mobile shelves for kitchen accessories hanging above the tabletop.

kuchnia Madera

Madeira kitchen

© Halupczok

A reference to nature is also the introduction of plants into the kitchen interiors. This premise is fully realized by the mini-garden, which is placed in the kitchen island, which gives homeowners the opportunity to grow aromatic herbs. This design is based on a large pot cover recessed into the island, in which plants are placed. This solution was used in the design of the modern Marsala kitchen. Unlike the soothing Madeira kitchen, here the vibrant colors of dark wood were juxtaposed with a stone drawing of an impressive pattern. This intriguing design tandem was applied to the kitchen island and dining table, as well as the wall panel.

kuchnia Marsala

Marsala kitchen

© Halupczok

Eco style is also a kitchen trend that saves electricity and water, further saving money in the household budget.

For more information, visit the company's Kuchnie Halupczok - producent mebli page on PdA.

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