Ag Cast Iron Line - a collection of decorative radiators

03 of February '24

Retro-style decorative cast iron radiators

Available models from the AG Cast Iron Line series:

  • Emmeline 1, Emmeline 2 - the radiator in no way resembles the old, not very beautiful designs, the only advantage of which was effective heating of interiors. The EMMELINE model allows you to enjoy both excellent heating efficiency and remarkable design, which fits perfectly into modern and traditional interiors. Eye-pleasing design and the possibility of combining this radiator with any type of heating system make it a noteworthy solution. After all, the EMMELINE cast iron radiator will work well in cooperation with, for example, condensing gas boilers, which are currently one of the most popular heating devices. The modular design of the radiator makes it easy for the user to select the appropriate heating power.
  • Grace 2, Grace 3, Grace 4, Grace 6 - GRACE models belong to the segmented models, which consist of several identical cells, customarily called ribs. Opting for this model, you can count on a distinctive design and defined lines. The GRACE cast-iron radiator is distinguished from other radiators by its fluted profiles and inclined feet. For additional interest, the manufacturer, Castrads brand has applied a treatment that consists in shifting the spacing between the columns. Thanks to it, you will certainly pay attention to this radiator.
  • Mercury 2, Mercury 3, Mercury 4, Mercury 6 - Cast iron radiators, although they take a long time to heat up, they hold heat well, so users can be sure that the room will have a friendly microclimate for a long time. It is no different when it comes to the MERCURY cast iron radiator. Choosing the presented model, the user can be sure that he will receive a radiator resistant to mechanical damage, which can be connected to any type of heating installation. Therefore, it is a solution that can be used both in modern and modernized buildings.
  • Rococo 1, Rococo 2, Rococo 3 - the modern cast iron radiator is no longer gray and bland. This is proven by the decorative cast-iron radiator ROCOCO, which is elegant and stands out from the rest with its sophisticated design and shape. Thanks to the fact that it is efficient and functional, it perfectly combines practical use for heating interiors with its aesthetic qualities. Choosing the presented model, the user can count on a fancy and interesting shape, which in no way resembles the ribs known so far. ROCOCO cast iron radiator is a cast model, which allowed to create unique decorations that are its visual trademark.
  • Vulcan 3 - VULCAN cast iron radiators are an excellent representation of the combination of elegance and efficiency. They are distinguished by their minimalist style, which perfectly suits both modern interiors and those with a traditional character.
  • Tesi 2, Tesi 3, Tesi 5, Tesi 6 - combining retro-style design with modern efficiency.
  • Vivien - Vivien bathroom radiators reminiscent of retro-style models are an excellent choice for both the bathroom and the bath room, where not only functionality, but also style and elegance are important. Thanks to them, you will combine modern functionality along with elegant vintage style, which has not gone off the pedestal for several years. Vivien bathroom radiators are called retro in name only. Modern materials and innovative technology make them effectively heat the space, additionally becoming a towel dryer and an elegant decoration of the interior. If you like retro style and would like to apply it to the interiors of your home, now you do not have to give up your dreams. Vivien bathroom radiators will also make your bath room unique and match the design of the other rooms.

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