NIBE SPLIT air source heat pump - simple to install and multifunctional!

16 of October '23

Nowadays, heating with a heat pump, which obtains as much as 80% of its energy from nature, is the most economical, comfortable and at the same time ecological solution. Heat pumps can provide the highest, among other available heat sources, energy efficiency and thus the lowest operating costs.

Jednostka zewnętrzna NIBE AMS

NIBE AMS outdoor unit


Multifunctional NIBE SPLIT

NIBE SPLIT air-source heat pumps have been the most popular for many years, being the optimal heating solution used both in new buildings and those undergoing thermal modernization. SPLIT air-to-water heat pumps are devices in which the refrigeration system is separated into two units: an outdoor NIBE AMS and an indoor compact NIBE BA-SVM unit.

The NIBE SPLIT heat pump operates down to -20°C and provides 58°C on the heating system feed from the compressor operation, and with an additional heat source up to 65°C, thus being an ideal solution for thermal modernization of buildings where users want to keep the existing radiator system. Thanks to the possibility of reversing the refrigeration cycle, the NIBE SPLIT system, in addition to heating and hot water production, also provides cooling of rooms in the summer.

Jednostka zewnętrzna NIBE AMS

NIBE AMS outdoor unit


The use of inverter technology in NIBE SPLIT pumps means that the power of the compressor adapts to the current heat demand of the building, ensuring high operating efficiency at a low cost of operation. The COP efficiency of the 6 kW SPLIT pump is 5.32 at A7/W35 according to EN14511.

The NIBE SPLIT heat pump is distinguished by its remarkable flexibility in the choice of location and simplicity of installation. The AMS outdoor unit and the BA-SVM indoor unit are connected to each other by a refrigeration piping system, and then filled with refrigerant. The outdoor unit can be hung on the building wall, using wall brackets, or placed on an above-ground rack against the building wall.


NIBE SPLIT. Installation: QBORG


Additional advantages of NIBE SPLIT include quiet operation (37 dB(A) according to EN11203, at a distance of 2 m), a wide operating temperature range (from -20°C to +43°C), fast installation, low failure rate and ease of operation. Through the use of additional accessories, the heating system based on the NIBE SPLIT pump gives the possibility to operate several heating circuits with different supply temperatures (e.g. radiators, floor heating, swimming pool circuit), counting of produced thermal energy or control of the device with a room controller with a display.

All-in-one indoor control panel

A complete NIBE BA-SVM indoor control unit with built-in controller is designed for use with NIBE SPLIT heat pumps , which, by integrating components, makes installation easier and faster and saves space in the boiler room.

In addition to the built-in controller, the NIBE BA-SVM is equipped with a 180-liter enameled coil hot water cylinder, an electric auxiliary heater with a maximum output of 9 kW, a safety group, a 10-liter diaphragm vessel, a pressure gauge and a condenser. An electronically controlled circulating pump optimizes system operation and minimizes energy consumption. An important feature is the built-in Legionella bacteria control function.

Kompaktowa centrala wewnętrzna NIBE BA-SVM

NIBE BA-SVM compact indoor air handling unit.


This advanced device, together with the NIBE AMS outdoor unit, creates a complete system for heating, cooling of rooms and production of domestic hot water. In addition, it offers the possibility to expand the system and communicate with the NIBE ERS recuperator and the NIBE PV photovoltaic system, providing even greater savings. The control unit also allows the connection of an external heat source, such as a gas boiler.

The NIBE BA-SVM 10-200/12E set with NIBE AMS 10 achieves the highest energy class A+++, which means minimal energy consumption and associated savings.

Controlling the unit is intuitive, thanks to a color display and a simple user interface. The NIBE BA-SVM allows software updates via a built-in USB port and remote control via the Internet.

Pompa ciepła NIBE SPLIT (zestaw AMS + BA-SVM)

NIBE SPLIT heat pump (AMS + BA-SVM kit).


NIBE heat pumps are reliable, high-quality devices:

  • manufactured for more than 40 years by the Swedish concern NIBE AB - the European market leader in sustainable energy solutions
  • in the highest efficiency classes A++, A+++, ranked in the group of heat pumps with a higher standard of energy efficiency on the ZUM list (list of equipment eligible for government subsidies)
  • holding EHPA-Q quality certificates of the European Heat Pump Association and HP Keymark, providing a guarantee of high quality and energy efficiency
  • covered by the warranty of the manufacturer NIBE AB, whose representative in Poland is NIBE-BIAWAR Sp. z o.o.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the A&B portal.

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