HARTMANN SUN - air source heat pumps

16 of October '23

The Hartmann-SUN DC series of air source heat pumps is a product line of units with power ratings from 6 to 32 kW and energy class A+++. These are monoblock units with a fully built-in refrigeration system for placement outside the building. They are equipped with inverter systems for stepless power regulation.

SUN 03R32 9 kW 400V TouchScreen

SUN 03R32 9 kW 400V TouchScreen


All operate in heating, cooling, domestic hot water and mixed modes: heating + DHW or cooling + DHW.

Wireless WiFi control and a mobile app are standard equipment. Installation of the heat pump requires only plumbing work and an electrical supply, similar to standard heating boilers.

At the heart of the SUN units is a Panasonic rotary compressor, guaranteeing long and efficient operation. The advantage is very quiet operation. The sound pressure of 10 kW units does not exceed 52 dB at a distance of 1 meter. The 40 dB required by law at the property boundary is not a problem.

SUN 06R32 22 kW 400V Carel

SUN 06R32 22 kW 400V Carel


Currently, all Hartmann SUN units use EVI technology of hot vapor injection of R32 or R290 operating refrigerant into the compressor. The result is operation even at -30°C. Over the entire temperature range, the energy efficiency COP reaches very high values. Inverters smoothly adapt the heat pump to external conditions and the requirements of the heating system. Compressor starts are gentle which prolongs life. The heating capacity is adjustable in the range of 30-110% of rated power. Such a wide range of characteristics maximally reduces the "clocking" of the heat pump. The fan drive and water circulation pump also have variable capacities.

Hartmann SUN - zima

Hartmann SUN - winter


High user comfort was achieved by:

  • programming of heating curves variably for floor heating, radiators and fan coil cooling
  • control of a mobile application integrated into the SMART LIFE smart home system. The smartphone application allows you to check the status, programming and control from anywhere: work, stay on vacation, etc.

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