Eco "green" underfloor heating

16 of October '23

Underfloor heating is one of the most frequently chosen solutions by investors in Poland. First of all, it provides high comfort of use, with efficient operation and much lower costs. However, we must remember that when choosing a specific solution, what matters most are the technical details that are worth paying attention to.

One of the key elements that guarantee high quality, durability and safety of the entire system is its invisible element - the pipe. A new "green" pipe for underfloor heating - Objektline PEXc - has appeared in Purmo's offer, ensuring the highest quality and durability with special emphasis on ecological and economic aspects.

It is this inconspicuous element, hidden under the floor, that is largely responsible for the correct long-term operation of the floor heating system. Why? We need to be sure that the pipe can withstand the right temperature and pressure with continuous, long-term operation of the entire system. We should also remember that the underfloor heating system is covered by the floor, and in case of any malfunction it would be necessary to make costly repairs often also associated with replacement of tiles or other finishing elements.

W ofercie firmy Purmo pojawiła się nowa „zielona” rura do ogrzewania podłogowego – Objektline PEXc, zapewniająca najwyższą jakość i trwałość

Purmo's offer includes a new "green" pipe for floor heating - Objektline PEXc, providing the highest quality and durability


In response to the needs of investors and installers, Purmo has introduced a new reliable and environmentally friendly solution at the same time - Objektline PEXc green floor heating pipe, which combines a number of benefits. First of all, the highest quality (five layers of electron-beam cross-linked polyethylene), shape memory - which greatly facilitates installation and eliminates the risk of error, and pro-ecological product concept (reduction of material consumption or optimization of pipe wall thickness).

The economic aspect of the solution is also an unquestionable advantage. The new Objektline PEXc pipe by Purmo is available at a price similar to the wide range of PE-RT pipes on the market with much lower technical parameters (temperature parameters or lack of "shape memory").

"Green" quality and durability

Specially designed by Purmo experts, Objektline PEXc pipe has as many as five simultaneously extruded layers and contains an oxygen barrier, fully protected by a layer of cross-linked polyethylene with exceptional strength parameters. With this solution, it provides unrivaled durability and protection against oxygen penetration and potential corrosion of system components.

In traditional production methods, the diffusion barrier is practically on the outside of the pipe - covered only by a thin layer of PE - which makes it much more vulnerable to mechanical damage. Only after passing all tests is the Objektline PEXc pipe subjected to electron-beam cross-linking, which ensures its maximum strength, while maintaining its high flexibility and resistance to the pressures and temperatures found in heating systems. The economic and environmental aspect of this solution is also not insignificant.

Purmo's new Objektline PEXc green pipe is the quintessence of sustainability, on the one hand by reducing material consumption, i.e. optimizing the thickness of the pipe wall, without sacrificing product quality, and on the other hand - the manufacturer offers it in coils of 600 mb to reduce waste as much as possible. This means that statistically, for a house of 120 m², two packages of Objektline PEXc pipe are needed, instead of 6 packages of pipe in 200 m coils. The heating area is the same, but the product loss will be much less for two 600-meter coils.

Nowa zielona rura Objektline PEXc marki Purmo jest kwintesencją zrównoważonego rozwoju

Purmo's new green Objektline PEXc pipe is the essence of sustainability


System safety and elimination of the risk of failure

With an optimized wall thickness of 1.8 mm, Objektline PEXc pipe combines the high thermal and dynamic resistance of PE-X pipe with high flexibility and ease of installation. The maximum operating parameters (operating temperature of 90°C and operating pressure of 6 bar) give the PEX material an advantage over traditional solutions. Purmo's new green Objektline PEXc pipe also minimizes the risk of failure, so it not only greatly facilitates the work of installers, but also guarantees the safety of the entire system. The market's unique "shape memory" allows simple and safe repair of the pipe without the need for a repair fitting.

If the pipe is kinked during installation, all you have to do is heat it at that point until the pipe returns to its original shape, wait for it to cool down and... install it. This is a solution that has an unprecedented impact on the warranty and safety of the entire underfloor heating system, since with traditional products and the use of repair fittings, however, there is a minimal risk of unsealing due to at least an incorrectly made connection, etc. Thanks to these unique properties, Purmo provides as much as a 10-year warranty on Objektline PEXc heating pipe.

To make connections of the pipe to the manifold or to the double straight or angle shut-off valves at Purmo radiators, remember to use certified Purmo UniSmart twist connectors or pipe-to-manifold compression fittings.

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