IPA is an interdisciplinary design practice led by architect Filip Kozarski. The office deals with complex projects of public interiors and architecture. A particularly important part of the office's work are realizations in the field of culture - curatorial projects, temporary, critical and socially engaged architecture.

In addition, since 2008, IPA has been co-organizing Poland's first Pecha Kucha meetings in the Tri-City.

IPA stands for i prefer analog, the belief that the world is rushing too fast and there comes a point when we should slow down and think about what's next.

With a wide range of experience, private and public clients, postgraduate studies in revitalization, and an unfinished doctorate on the gray area of urban planning, IPA is adept at navigating complex contexts and creating appropriate responses to design tasks. As Ch. Bukowski used to say - "you have to have guts, sense and style"!

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