Na Antresoli

Kamila and Natalia met well before college, but it wasn't until then that they started creating joint projects on the Mezzanine in Natalka's apartment. The small attic became a design studio, the number of orders kept growing, and Kamila was thankful in spirit that she didn't become a lawyer after all. When Eve joined the team, together they decided to build an office that would be a place for the flow of good creative energy....

As architects, we value functionality of solutions above all else. That's why we listen to our Investors, adjust the projects to their needs, conjure up a comfortable living space even from the most difficult apartment layout. Each of our projects is different, because every person is different. Playing with styles and form is our everyday life, our passion. What unites our projects is attention to detail, natural materials, mirrors, matte surfaces and good lighting.

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