Studio Załuska

Studio Załuska is a practice operating between Poland and Switzerland, founded in 2019 by Mateusz Załuska. The rich experience gained at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, internships in international offices in Switzerland, Norway and Japan, as well as working with students at a Swiss university are imprinted on the studio's profile. In addition to individual projects and competitions, theoretical research and studio projects are an important part of the studio's activities.

In its projects, the studio attaches great importance to observing the site where the building is to be constructed. It seeks a dialogue between architecture and context on a territorial scale. Each proposal grows out of an idea that creatively responds to program and budget considerations. A love of architectural history makes it possible to find connections between the broader present day and the universal spatial qualities that architects from Studio Zaluska value in buildings from bygone eras. They show them in a new light, manipulate them, and combine them in unexpected ways. This gives the projects a unique character and makes them escape simple classifications.

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