We are a London-Warsaw based design office. We are involved in combining natural landscape with architecture, what we call unism.

An important element of our projects is the experience aspect - that is, the experience of users with the surrounding landscape
In our projects we combine forms with sustainability, creating unique, ecological buildings. We believe that subterranean architecture is the future of design because of its sustainability - high thermal mass, resistance to weather conditions such as strong winds, and blending in with the surroundings. In our work, green roofs are very important and we believe that in the future they will be a standard solution especially in cities - reducing the heat island effect, increasing biological active areas and positively influencing biodiversity. Passive-natural solutions are the future.

We see that the future of architects, will be based on landscape design (urban and natural) rather than architecture itself, and we believe that our industry needs to undergo a huge change, as architects still treat landscape as an add-on to a highly exposed iconic block.

We are inspired by the combination of high-tech and nature, the aspect of mystery of hidden objects, often highlighted in films and literature by Jules Verne, for example.

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