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Art of Furniture. A container exhibition of student projects from the Interior Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

11 of May '22

Three containers have been erected in Krakow on the square in front of the Main Building of the National Museum, and in them you can admire an exhibition of projects by students of the Faculty of Interior Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. The works were completed in the Department of Furniture and Interior Design as part of the Designing the Future project. The exhibition runs until May 17 this year and is open 24/7!

Sztuka Mebla, wystawa krakowskiej ASP

container exhibition is open 24/7

photo: prof. Marek Blazucki

TheArt of Furniture is a container exhibition featuring designer, practical, innovative and facilitating furniture and interior design elements made at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. The student projects were created as part of semester classes, and some of them are also undergraduate and graduate theses. The exhibition is curated by Prof. Marek Blazucki, dean of WAW, and Dr. Łukasz Sarnat, associate dean of WAW, and Anna Markowska-Puzia is also responsible for its design.

Wystawa kontenerowa, w tle hotel Cracovia

The projects were presented in three containers

photo: prof. Marek Blazucki

three studios, three containers

The projects presented in three containers were made by three studios:

  • I Furniture and Interior Design Studio, led by Prof. Roman Kurzawski and Dr. Lukasz Sarnat,
  • II Studio of Designing Furniture and Interior Elements, led by Prof. Marek Blazucki and assistant Anna Markowska-Puzia,
  • III Studio of Design of Furniture and Interior Elements, led by Dr. Tomasz Wojcik and assistant Sylwia Siudak,
  • for part-time first degree studies in the Furniture Design course taught by Hubert Albertusiak.

The didactic program carried out at the studios includes the design of furniture and selected interior design elements. The program assumptions take into account the variety of functions and conditions of use of the designed objects, and the exercises carried out in the studios are designed to enable students to gain multiple artistic and technical experiences.

The aim of the Studio's training is to equip students with the ability to search for creative solutions to design problems, and this creativity is assumed to manifest itself in the area of both the development of form and construction, or the manner of realizing the assumed function, taking into account the close connection of these aspects, with the assumption of departure from commonly functioning stereotypes.

Wnętrze jednego z kontenerów Meble wystawione w kontenerze

Students and graduates presented furniture and interior design elements

photo: prof. Marek Blazucki

    authors and designers

    Participating in the container exhibition were: Barbara Bachta, Aleksandra Basa, Karina Bereziuk, Magdalena Bilczewska, Aleksandra Bosak, Julia Bugajska, Kinga Duda-Kisiel, Anna Dudek, Weronika Filus, Anna Głąb, Dominika Gulińska, Dagmara Jarzyńska, Maria Jezierska, Laura Kaczor, Magdalena Kędzior, Urszula Kraszewska, Dominika Kuczera, Julia Kurnik, Agata Kutniowska, Julia Lachowska, Angelika Leś, Nicole Lipińska, Weronika Majewska, Jakub Markiel, Izabela Mika, Darya Miseika, Weronika Mojecka, Magdalena Mucha, Anna Nikiel, Natalia Niżnik, Malwina Nowak, Bartłomiej Ormaniec, Anna Panasiewicz, Karolina Parkitna, Paulina Pasztaleniec, Jadwiga Pogroszewska, Sylwia Powałek, Edyta Ptasznik, Anna Rabczak, Natalia Sączek, Wioleta Sławek, Dominika Sokół, Dominik Stawarz, Maciej Szlachta, Aleksandra Ślęczka, Maria Talaga, Sylwia Tokarz, Julia Trzepizur, Anna Włoch, Agnieszka Wygoda, Aleksandra Zima.

    Wystawa przed Muzeum Narodowym w Krakowie

    The exhibition is located in front of the Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow

    photo: prof. Marek Blazucki

    The exhibition is financed by the project "Designing the Future - Development Program of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow for 2018-2022".

    We would also like to remind you about the ongoing competitions within the framework of the 7th International Biennale of Interior Architecture (organized by the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow): for the design of the interior of a permanent design gallery in the building of the former Cracovia Hotel and Open Call for a spatial work, artistic installation, action in space, performance or video installation.

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