Wojciech Januszczyk

Landscape architect, employee of the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Catholic University of Lublin, founder of the Landscapes Foundation, Supervisor of Green Areas and expert witness. Originator and artistic director of the festival of garden and space art - InGarden. He served as president of the National Association of Landscape Architecture, on whose behalf he signed Poland's accession to the World Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA) in 2008. He and his design team have won a number of awards in competitions for public and commercial spaces. Creator of the "Garden of Dream" realized as part of the exhibition Green is Life supporting the activities of the Ewa Blaszczyk Foundation "AKOGO?" Participant of the Festival of Gardens in Bolestraszyce, where he creates author's realizations of gardens under the cyclical title "Protest Garden" drawing public attention to contemporary problems related to space and landscape of the country. His commercial activities are guided by the author's idea of "Garden is also a home" indicating the functional nature of the space next to single-family houses. He has experience in directing and managing investment processes during the implementation of landscape architecture facilities, including, construction of home gardens, historic parks and public spaces.

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