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A social trailer for the construction sector. Design by Mateusz Zurek, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.

25 of April '23

{tag:studenci}, a design graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, decided to design a social trailer for workers in the construction sector. The young designer, familiar with the industry from his own experience, attempted to put all the necessary amenities in a small trailer, focusing on functionality but also aesthetics. His work won the top prize in the national competition Young Design 2022.

The presented project is a master's thesis, carried out in the Product Design Studio under the direction of Prof. Jaroslaw Szymanski and Jacek Ryn. In addition to the Young Design award, Mateusz Zurek's concept was included in the list of the best art and design diplomas—FNC Diplomas 2022 and received an honorable mention in the Internet voting.

Projekt przyczepy socjalnej

Social trailer design for the construction industry

© Mateusz Żurek

Since I was a child, I worked in my family's carpentry and construction company as part of my vacations, gaining more „skills”. The work involved a lot of dynamics and the very different environments I was in. I worked in shell or development buildings or already in the final stage of a project. Both of these environments share common characteristics that I had the dubious pleasure of experiencing. No toilet (or in a severely fielded state), no running water, heating or space set aside to take a break or eat a meal. Even when the exemplary assembly took place in an already finished facility, the contrast between the clean, new toilet and the dirty, working clothes was often intimidating. I remember with fondness the meetings with teams that had been doing work in a given facility for a longer period of time. The way they were organized (or rather, unorganized) during their break or sanitation needs was heartbreaking. From the legendary miscellaneous hanger made of boards and nails, to heating sausage on a halogen lamp, to pushing around while finding the perfect piece of Styrofoam to take the best seat at break time. All of the examples can arouse different emotions, but in addition to all of this there are problems that even those involved may not realize," Matthew Zurek recalls.

As the designer explains, field conditions can also have a bad effect on diet. Workers usually choose ready-made products that can be consumed easily and quickly, which at the same time will not spoil outside the refrigerator. Mostly they are not good for health. The lack of running water, and therefore the inability to wash before meals, also has a major impact on health, bearing in mind the materials with which one works on site.

We wnętrzu przyczepy znajdują się: toaleta z prysznicem, aneks kuchenny i wielofunkcyjna przestrzeń

Inside the trailer are a toilet with shower, a kitchenette and a multifunctional space

© Mateusz Żurek

A trailer with everything you need

Of course, there are solutions in the form of „towns” built from containers, but this applies only to large investments and is usually dedicated to only one company, and all smaller subcontractors are on their own. Provision of hygienic and sanitary conditions is an obligation, the employer what is controlled only for larger investments. With some works you can count on a good gesture from the investor, who will provide a toilet, treat tea or coffee, but in my opinion this is not a comfortable situation for either party. All these experiences and the stories I heard motivated me to deal with the topic of social trailer, in which I made an attempt to respond to the needs of workers on construction sites," the designer continues.

Projekt przyczepy socjalnej, aksonometria W przestrzeni wielofunkcyjnej znajduje się składany stół i rozsuwana kanapa

The trailer space is multifunctional

© Mateusz Zurek

Most of the assumptions while working on the project came from analysis of the problems and limitations described, as well as interviews with potential buyers. The goal? As the author says—to design something between a caravan and the legendary "Drzymała's wagon."

Thanks to a well-thought-out functional layout, the interior of the trailer includes a toilet with shower, a kitchenette and a multifunctional space with seating and a folding table. The author also took care of individual lockers for users, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a separate place for shoes, a place for documents or space for storing tools. The trailer also provides space for air conditioning, a water tank or a photovoltaic system.

Projekt przyczepy socjalnej, elewacje

The profile system allows for any modification

© Mateusz Zurek

A special profile system located inside and outside the trailer allows for any modification and expansion with further accessories or features to best suit current needs.

visual aspect also important

The appearance of the trailer is the result of certain functions, but it is not insignificant.

Workers are often great professionals who want, more or less consciously, to look professional. All tools, clothing and work clothes, systems for organizing tools seem to respond to this need. Judging by this trend, the appearance and therefore the visual message under the banner of "professional" is not only to lend credibility to the company, but also has a cultural dimension. It can also have an impact on the psychological comfort and sense of worth of those in the said professions," says Matthew Zurek.

Projekt przyczepy socjalnej dla sektora budowlanego otrzymał nagrodę Young Design 2022

project is possible to implement

© Mateusz Zurek

All technological decisions, materials, equipment elements and the project itself were created with the possibility of implementation into production in mind. As the author emphasizes, the design of the social trailer is a response to the needs of workers in the repair and construction industry, but it can also prove itself in other situations where similar conditions exist.

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