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Weronika Majewska - "Meeting Center at the Józef Babinski Hospital in Krakow".

21 of October '22
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: "Meeting Center at the Joseph Babinski Hospital in Krakow".
Author: Weronika Majewska
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

Prof. Elżbieta Pakuła-Kwak

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The subject I am taking up, is closely related to the observation of the growing number of people with mental problems. Although increasingly discussed, for many people it is still taboo, sometimes overlooked and overlooked. This leads to exclusion and stigmatization not only of people with such illnesses, but also of health care places offering psychiatric treatment. One such place is the Dr. Józef Babinski Clinical Hospital in Krakow. The project I have proposed is intended to draw attention to the need to take measures to destigmatize the hospital complex. The process would involve the creation of safe, unstigmatized places, encouraging prevention, being a showcase for mental health and influencing public beliefs.

Projekt „Centrum Spotkań przy szpitalu im. Józefa Babińskiego w Krakowie”, dziedziniec

Project "Meeting Center at the Józef Babinski Hospital in Krakow," courtyard

© Weronika Majewska

To learn about the hospital's real image problems, a survey was conducted among residents of Krakow and the surrounding area. The results of the survey confirmed that the name "Kobierzyn" is negatively associated and stigmatizing, but unfortunately it still functions and is common in the local community. The respondents indicated in the form that the Dr. J. Babinski Clinical Hospital evokes fear and anxiety in them, seems a place that is completely closed and intended only for people in serious mental crisis. According to the respondents' perceptions, this place does not encourage them at all to turn there for help and thus take care of their own mental health.

Projekt „Centrum Spotkań przy szpitalu im. Józefa Babińskiego w Krakowie”, rzut Gazebo

The author proposed a Meeting Center at the site of the manor buildings

© Weronika Majewska

The Meeting Center at the Józef Babiński Hospital is a response to these beliefs. It is a project for a place that blurs boundaries, is open and safe, free from stigma, and will allow for a process of destigmatization. The problem with breaking down the barrier between the interior of the hospital complex and the outside world lies in the neglected neighborhood.

Przestrzenie prac warsztatowych i ekspozycji Przestrzeń przeznaczona na warsztaty zespołowe

The flexibility of the workshop space is provided by furniture

© Weronika Majewska

The areas located on Babinski Street are neglected meadows and farm buildings falling into disrepair. The Meeting Center project consists of the existing ruins transformed into a building with an exhibition and workshop function, a cafeteria and therapeutic offices. The project also includes the reconstruction of the courtyard so that it will promote convalescence and encourage respite and relaxation, for example, by a body of water or in a shaded gazebo.

Przekrój A-A i rzut przestrzeni warsztatowej

A-A cross-section and plan of the workshop space

© Weronika Majewska

The interiors of the complex are finished with plywood, which is a reference to soothing nature and introduces a cozy and warm atmosphere at the same time. Plants and green furnishings are directly associated with the overall hospital complex and the concept of a garden city with therapeutic properties.

Przestrzeń przeznaczona na warsztaty grupowe  Przestrzeń na warsztaty kreatywne

The interiors of the complex are finished with plywood

© Weronika Majewska

exhibition and workshop building

The space closest to the non-hospital environment is the building with an exhibition and workshop function. The exhibition area has been equipped with mobile walls that allow flexible adjustment of the space to meet the needs of exhibition organizers. The furniture can also be used in the workshop area as screens or carts for transporting tools. The activity space is flexible and reconfigurable, and can be separated by the aforementioned walls and curtains. The bookcase separating the workshop area from the circulation path has modular inserts in the form of shelves and wooden curtains, which also allows any configuration, especially in terms of obscuring the activity space.

The flexibility of the space is also provided by the furniture - trapezoid-shaped table tops allow the creation of individual workstations for small groups or for a large team.

Interior of the cafe Interior of the cafe, regał z roślinami

The space of the cafeteria offers the possibility to arrange meetings of a therapeutic nature

© Weronika Majewska


The cafe space gives the possibility to arrange meetings of a therapeutic nature. Wood and greenery filling the interior introduce a calm and soothing atmosphere. Lighting is a key factor, thanks to which a mood associated with privacy and intimacy has been built.

Przekrój B-B oraz rzut kawiarni i strefy gabinetów terapeutycznych

B-B section and floor plan of the café and therapy room area

© Weronika Majewska

The café provides a variety of places for conversations, so you can choose the space that suits the nature of your meeting: separate two-person spaces, private spaces for families, and spaces at café tables in the bustling café area.

Pokój do terapii

One of the therapy rooms

© Weronika Majewska

therapy and information desk

A special place dedicated to therapy is in the next building, where two therapy rooms are provided for psychological consultations, which will help change negative beliefs operating in society and break down the barrier and shame of visiting mental health clinics. The building also includes a reception desk, where it is crucial to be able to inquire about the type and form of assistance provided by the hospital.


Illustrations: © Author

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