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BLOM. Design of the women's space and headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll Foundation

30 of August '22

{BLOM}, a student at the Faculty of Interior Design, Design and Scenography at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, has designed a space designed for women. BLOM is a place where you can relax, meet with friends in a cafe, visit a jewelry showroom, and most importantly, it houses the headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll Foundation. All this in interiors framed by streamlined forms and soft colors.

Paulina Haras' concept is a semester-long project carried out during classes at the Interior Design Studio, taught by Dr. Katarzyna Anna Jagiełło, Aleksandra Przybyła and Tomasz Taciak. The student chose theexisting DH Kameleon building located at 6/7 Szewska Street in Wroclaw as the project site.

Projekt BLOM, parter z przestrzenią do spotkań

BLOM project located in DH Kameleon in Wroclaw.

© Paulina Haras

The theme of my project is femininity and what it is. To me, it is uniqueness, everyday life and agreement with oneself. However, for every woman, it will mean something different. We are different from each other, we have different desires and aspirations. The idea behind my space is to encourage women to find their femininity. In other words to find their true selves," explains the student.

Projekt BLOM, aksonometria parteru

axonometry of the first floor of the BLOM project

© Paulina Haras

DH Kameleon interior concept

Paulina's chosen department store was built in 1928, and its total floor area, all six floors, is 5,500 square meters. The design of the women's space includes level 0 and level 1.

Projekt BLOM, kawiarnia na parterze

On the first floor there is a cafe

© Paulina Haras

The interior concept is to refer to and fit in with the existing architecture of the building. Regularly spaced rows of rectangular windows, vertical and horizontal divisions and a rounded, protruding bay window are characteristic of the building. These became the author's inspiration for the interior design. We can observe numerous vertical rhythms, horizontal and vertical divisions, rounded forms, arches that create streamlined forms.

Część shoroomu marki biżuterii

part of the jewelry brand shoroom

© Paulina Haras

blue and pink - two spaces

Level 0 is public and includes such spaces as the jewelry showroom, café, reception area with checkroom, rest area, display with current Rak'n'Roll Foundation shares, kitchen, technical facilities, warehouses, public toilets, employee toilets and social room.

Projekt BLOM, aksonometria piętra

BLOM design, floor axonometry

© Paulina Haras

Level 1 has an office character and is the headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll Foundation. Here the designer proposed a reception area with a waiting room, office spaces, conference rooms, a kitchen for employees, a locker room for employees, a rest area, public toilets and storerooms.

Siedziba fundacji Rak

The headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll Foundation is located on the first floor

© Paulina Haras

Such a division due to the functions and nature of the zones, allowed the designer to create two color-dominant parts. The public zone on the first floor, with a more entertainment and leisure character, is kept in blue. While the foundation zone, which has a more private and office character, is shades of pink.

Projekt BLOM, showroom marki Orska

Orska brand showroom

© Paulina Haras

jewelry showroom

According to the student, the selection of brands included in the project was not random.

The first of these is the Orska jewelry brand. It is characteristic of her to create timeless designs. The mix of styles, materials and colors allows women to express themselves. Jewelry for some is a second skin, for others a way to emphasize their personality [...]. It is an extension of our inner self, the way we see the world and approach life. And that is also what this space encourages us to do," says Paulina.

Siedziba fundacji Rak

The headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll Foundation is also a meeting place

© Paulina Haras

headquarters of the Rak'n'Roll foundation

The most important element of the project is the headquarters of the Rak'n' Roll Foundation, which helps women and men with cancer and their loved ones. The foundation is known for its positive energy and breaking taboos related to the approach to cancer in Poland. The foundation's presence has been marked by a student, already on the first floor, where she has developed an exhibition space providing information on current actions and activities. The exposition is placed in a representative place right next to the entrance, so that it is also visible from street level. On the first floor, there are the aforementioned offices, as well as a reception and meeting areas where anyone in need will receive support.

Sale konferencyjne fundacji Rak

Rak'n'Roll Foundation conference rooms

© Paulina Haras

Also read about the project by Natalia Kedzierska, who, as part of the same semester assignment, designed MO.i - a development and service space for women.

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