Breakthrough in the installation of electrical outlets

09 of October '23

Sapphire series - a breakthrough in the installation of electrical outlets

The Szafir series is an innovative installation solution that streamlines and speeds up installation work. Its sophisticated and compact design and timeless colors will perfectly fit into any interior. The low height of the products makes the fixtures adhere aesthetically to the wall and look sensational.

Seria Szafir – przełom w montażu gniazdek elektrycznych

Szafir series - a breakthrough in the installation of electrical sockets


The Szafir Series is the result of a thoughtful and innovative approach to the installation of electrical fixtures. The first thing that not only professionals will notice is that this product offers a great deal of space for wiring.

The Szafir series uses a bridge made of plastic, which has hooks on its perimeter to ensure perfect mutual alignment of sockets and switches when they are installed in multiple sets.

Nowoczesna metoda mocowania ramek

Modern method of fixing frames


The series proposes an innovative method of fixing external frames. There is no need to remove the outer covers, simply remove the frame. This modern method of fixing the frames makes it possible to replace a socket or switch in the set without removing the others. In addition, the outer frame is equipped with multi-screws, which allow a precise fit to the wall leveling out any curves and surface imperfections.

Wkręty usytuowane w jednym kierunku

Screws located in one direction


Another advantage is the completely new design of the fixtures. In the Szafir series, the design of the switches, single plug sockets and specialized sockets allows them to be screwed into the installation box without first removing the outer covers. The assembly of the external covers of single and specialized sockets itself is carried out by means of precise "click" catches. The switches use threadless terminals, and ergonomic release buttons ensure easy and quick removal of the wire from the terminal. The illuminated version features LED backlighting in white or sapphire.

Pokrywa gniazd pojedynczych montowana na „klik”

Cover of single sockets mounted with "click".


The series uses perpendicular insertion of wires into the terminals, which eliminates the possibility of their slipping out when screwing the product into the installation box. In the plug sockets, the terminal screws are unscrewed at the factory, pre-prepared for wire installation and protected against unscrewing.

Sockets and switches of the Szafir series adhere aesthetically to the wall and look optimal in any interior. The Szafir series offers four color variations: timeless white, modern silver, matte gray and black metallic. Frames for the Szafir series are universal frames allowing products to be mounted, both horizontally and vertically.

Sonata Touch series

Sonata Touch is a series of modern electronic switches for lighting control equipped with a glass touch panel. The discreet two-color illumination of the control zones on the touch panels emphasizes the prestigious character of the product, while making it easier to locate the switch in conditions of even total darkness.

Funkcja załączania zbliżeniowego

Proximity switching function


Thanks to the modern design of the electronics of the control panels (sensitivity of detection, speed of tripping the system), an extremely high operating culture of the switches has been achieved, which has reached a level inaccessible to traditional mechanical fixtures. The highest quality electronic components used in the construction of Sonata Touch switches guarantee their stable and long-lasting operation. The durability of the relays used in the executive modules (depending on the type and power of the light source used) can reach up to 1 million cycles.

Sonata Touch switches can be installed in traditional two-wire installations, as they do not need a neutral N wire for proper operation. The switches have the ability to turn the lighting on and off without touching the glass panel. It is sufficient to bring a finger at a distance of about 0.5 cm to the corresponding field on the glass control panel.

Sonata Touch – przykładowy zestaw

Sonata Touch - a sample set


The Sonata Touch series has been designed so that it can be implemented in both new and traditional (two-wire) electrical installations. The power supply of the modules (the supply of the neutral pole) is carried out through the receiver included in the circuit, so the replacement of a traditional switch with a touch one does not involve any reconstruction of the current path. The modern design of electronic circuits, as well as the illumination of control zones made in LED technology, ensures (in standby) minimal power consumption. Thanks to the possibility of programming touch switches, their functionality has been significantly expanded.

Sonata Touch – przykładowy zestaw

Sonata Touch - a sample set


For example, a double-circuit switch with the function of a staircase switch, after appropriate configuration, can realize connection arrangements: 6+6, 6+1, 7+7, 7+1, 7+6. Obtaining the aforementioned functions is done by defining electrical connections between individual control points. The two-system method of fixing modules (screws and claws), allows them to be installed even in flush-mounted boxes not equipped with mounting screws. Robust and easy installation of external covers is carried out with special mini-clamps, which significantly reduce installation time.

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