Folding door collection

01 of December '19

INVADO folding door collection

Not just an emergency solution - a door that will fit even where there is no chance for other leaves.
INVADO bifold doors are a solution that saves space and looks good at the same time. They are a great solution for small and difficult to arrange spaces. Norma Decor or Libra wings are available in this version.

how does it work?

Bifold doors consist of a symmetrically divided wing and a wall casing based on a block frame. The wing halves are made of MDF or semi-finished softwood, glued in layers. Their cladding is HDF board. The frame, in turn, is filled with honeycomb cellular cardboard. Each of the halves of the leaf of the folding door has one rebate along the vertical edge. The leaves are connected to each other by spring hinges, which allow them to maintain their mutual parallelism in the closed position. The door is also available with a fixed frame from 60 to 90 cm.

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